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  • The Melting Point Of Urea And Trans-Cinnamic Acids

    The melting point of a substance is best described as the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid (Bruice 2014). On the molecular level, when a compound melts the forces between the molecules become weaker. This is because when a substances heats up the kinetic energy between the molecules increase causing the molecules to vibrate. When the vibrations become strong enough for the molecules to move around and pass other molecules, the compound that is being heated up starts to melt and become a liquid. In this lab, five different ratios of two chemical solids, Urea and trans¬-cinnamic acid, were heated up in a Mel Temp apparatus until the final melting point was achieved. Each substance started as a solid in a capillary tube and when they reached the…

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  • Emulsion Independent Research Project Paper

    of Timothy Chase Willard and Marcus Bortey of Mr. Cork’s Second Period chemistry class December sixteenth of 2014 Background Information An emulsion is a mixture of two or more chemicals in liquid form with no mutual solubility. Emulsions are part of two-systems of matter called colloids. Colloids are particles that cannot be seen without the use of a microscope, but are larger than the size of the individual molecules involved in the emulsion. Usually the combination of a water, or water…

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  • Utilization Of Marijuana

    Marijuana is one of the substances that has gotten a ton of consideration in people in general space in the late years. This is a result of the level headed discussion that it has pulled in over its utilization. Weed is one if the illicit substances that is being utilized by a few people for various reasons. A few people utilize the Maryjane for amusement, while others utilize it for medicinal purposes. There has been a critical number of strengths upholding for the legitimization of the weed.…

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  • Melting Point Lab Report

    AND HAZARDS PHYSICAL PROPERTY BENZHYDROL COLOR/TEXTURE White, fine crystals or dry powder ODOR Odorless BOILING POINT 297-298 °C MELTING POINT 65-67 °C DENSITY 1.31 g/mL HAZARDS SKIN, EYE, AND RESPIRATORY IRRITATIONS Irritation FIRE HAZARD Combustible is high temperature TABLE I: Table of physical properties and hazards of benzhydrol. PROCEDURE AND OBSERVATIONS ¬ FINDING MELTING POINT OF UNKNOWN SUBSTANCE: We used a micro spatula to retrieve unknown substance MP-14 from…

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  • Evaporation Lab

    We already knew that the chemical properties of each pure substance are not are not changed after separation in a mixture. The key to find a physical property that one part of the mixture does have but the parts of the mixture doesn’t. In magnetism a magnetically susceptible material is extracted from a mixture depending on a magnetic force. Filtration is separation of an insoluble solid and a liquid. Filtration depends on solubility, the filtrate is the one want to keep (liquid) and the residue…

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  • Acetone Synthesis Essay

    The purpose of this experiment was to ascertain an unidentified substance. The substance in question was a colorless liquid with an odor resembling acetone. To start with the Tollens’ test was conducted on the unidentified substance to differentiate between an aldehyde and a ketone. The results of the test were negative. This indicated that the substance under consideration was a ketone The next step consisted of determining the melting point of the substance, which was in the range…

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  • Tartarin Melting Point

    Abstract: The melting point ranges for the substances Tartaric Acid, Acetaminophen, and Phenacetin, which are in powder form and white in color, was found and compared to their literature values to find their purity. The melting point range of a 9:1 mixture of Phenacetin and Tartaric acid was later found to show the effect an impure substance has on temperature. Melting point range for unknown three that was lastly tested was matched to Acetaminophen by comparing their melting points.…

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  • Kitty Hach-Darrow: A Career In Chemistry

    Kitty Hach – Darrow was a mother. Chemical entrepreneur marketing trailblazer and pilot. She started college at Iowa state university to become a home economics teacher but was inspired by a chemist in the department who lead many young women into chemical profession. Another influence in to her chemical profession was her soon to be husband Cliff Hach. Water purifying has come a long way since Kitty’s discovery; we now have water filters and plants that filter water for us. Also we have…

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  • Test Tuffe Lab Report

    all the test tubes that were observed, it is simple to classify samples as mixtures, compounds, or elements by viewing the particles that make it up on a picture representation. It is not as uncomplicated as observing the physical substance. Test Tube A consisted of small black and white specks that could phyically be seperated when holding a magnet to the mixture. Because this is possible, it is a heterogenous mixture also because the seperation can easily be seen. Test Tube B is a…

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  • Ninhydrin Research Paper

    1-Paper 2-gallon size Zip- Loc bag 3-Iodine beads (available from forensic supply companies) Note: Iodine crystals can be used along with a small amount of powdered vermiculite. 4-Rubber or plastic gloves are recommended 5-Safety glasses or goggles Safety Precautions Firstly,Wear safety glasses or goggles to protect our eyes from iodine vapors. Iodine is very toxic in nature , both as vapor and through excessive skin contact. Work in a well ventilated area is necessary. We must Keep all…

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