Sherlock Holmes

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  • The Importance Of Sherlock Holmes

    Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes appear in many movies and books. In particular Nancy Drew appeared in the 2007 movie Nancy Drew, and Sherlock Holmes appeared in the book The Hound of the Baskervilles.Although Nancy Drew has modern technology equipment to help her, Sherlock Holmes is a better detective because his powers of deduction, instinctual actions, and reliance on a sidekick help him be more efficient. Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ partner, is his long time friend throughout the Sherlock Holmes series. Having a strong bond with your partner can be vital to solve a case. On Page 3 Sherlock Holmes said, "but you are a conductor of light.” This quote from Sherlock Holmes is a phrase similar to the one in Stars Wars, “We are the spark that will…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Accomplishments

    I admired one peculiar detective named Sherlock Holmes. I was hooked. Needless to say, after reading all…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Effect

    creators of the show unleashed the infamous death sequence of its main character, Sherlock Holmes. The difference that sets this tragic death apart from ones in other shows lies in the progression of events and their inevitable shock factor. The audience is forced to first see the beloved main character fall to his death in order to save the lives of those close to him, then die in the arms of his best friend John Watson, and finally cut to a scene of Watson visiting Sherlock’s grave …only then…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Definition

    “The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street.” (Moffat) This is where we start our story, with a name and an address. If you ask random people “Who is Sherlock Holmes?” most will tell you that he is the greatest detective to ever live. While this statement is taken for fact all around the world, unfortunately the great Mister Holmes has always been fiction. It is like calling the lion who lives in savannas the king of the jungle. The actuality in these labels maybe lacking,…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Comparison Essay

    Sherlock is a man of many faces. From the classic tales written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the modern adaptations such as BBC’s Sherlock, the man that is Sherlock Holmes has been around for centuries. While there may be various modern Sherlock Holmes’, there is one that is far superior to the rest, one that takes on the characteristics of the original Sherlock Holmes. This Sherlock Holmes was well represented in these movies and was accurate to the stories that I’ve read. The best Sherlock…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Research Paper

    Author (Sir) Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his first Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet, in year 1886. Transcending literature onto stage and screen, Sherlock Holmes continues to fascinate audiences to this day. The Sherlock Holmes exhibition of The Museum of London titled “The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die”, London’s first on the detective since 1951, uses early film, photography and paintings plus original Victorian era artefacts to recreate the atmosphere of Sherlock’s London, and to…

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  • Sherlock Holmes: A Super Hero

    Sherlock Holmes has become known as a tremendously intelligent and unique individual who has a strong passion for solving mysteries. In fact, his name has almost come to stand for, someone who almost seems to have telepathy. Sherlock in the new adaptations, Elementary, House M.D. and Sherlock Holmes, has the ability to look at any given character he can distinguish their life story without even speaking a single word to them, just using his observations. Within the BBC vision of Sherlock, he…

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  • A Study In Scarlet, By Sherlock Holmes

    In A Study in Scarlet, by Sir Author Conan Doyle, he uses a witty and brilliant detective named Sherlock Holmes to show the audience how investigators solved crime back then during that time period and the different technology they used to solve them and how it is different today’s technology. In the show series Sherlock, the episode “A Study in Pink”, gives a little bit of a modern take on A Study in Scarlet and shows how technology advancements can make the better. Having these modern twists…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Character Analysis

    Delving into an individual’s personality, none the less Sherlock Holmes’s, can both interesting as well as informative, due to the uniqueness that each individual’s personality possesses. Sherlock, from the BBC television series is a highly intelligent consultant, who is extremely adept at his detection skill which increases his ability of solving cases that others find difficult. While Sherlock is a master of deduction, he is not without his own short comings which include: his is inability to…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Influence

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the pioneers of the English detective fiction and he created a new trend in detective fiction through his Sherlock Holmes stories. He is the inspirational force behind many modern sleuths, who still show the traces of Sherlock Holmes, the first scientific detective of the world. Many writers of the later centuries were greatly influenced by Doyle. Isaac Asimov, the popular American mastermind, is one of those writers, who were attracted by Doyle. Though he once…

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