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“The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street.” (Moffat) This is where we start our story, with a name and an address. If you ask random people “Who is Sherlock Holmes?” most will tell you that he is the greatest detective to ever live. While this statement is taken for fact all around the world, unfortunately the great Mister Holmes has always been fiction. It is like calling the lion who lives in savannas the king of the jungle. The actuality in these labels maybe lacking, but the meaning stays the same. Sherlock Holmes may have never lived and has never solved crimes with the brave war hero, Dr.Watson, but this will never stop him from claiming his legendary title. The man behind the eccentric detective is Dr.Arthur …show more content…
Not only did he write a lot, he wrote for many different genres. “He wrote more than 240 fictions of all genres like history, fantasy, adventure, science-fiction, crimes, drama, war... and more than 1200 other works as essays, pamphlets, articles, letters to the press, poems, interviews, plays... on every subjects such as politics, spiritualism, war, crimes, etc.” (The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia) out of all of these works, none are as well known as that of the ones pertaining to Sherlock Holmes. Let us now take a closer look at one of Doyle’s favorite Sherlock Holmes stories and try to solve a mystery alongside the greatest detective to ever live.
The Adventure of the Speckled Band begins with an introduction by our narrator Dr.Watson. In this introduction, he explains to us that the story he is going to tell us can only now be told due to the death of a lady to whom he promised secrecy. The good doctor also mentions how this story will clear up rumours surrounding Dr.Grimesby Roylott and his death. Now our story begins and we find ourselves following Dr.Watson who is in turn following Holmes on a mysterious
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It covers the plot of a unsolved and a future murder, the setting of these crimes, and the character of the most likely culprit. It lays the ground of this story. Without these key points, the reader would be left in confusion and unable to understand what is going on. Later on, Sherlock and Watson of course investigate for clues, and Sherlock forms a plan of action which leads to the climax, where Sherlock and Watson lock themselves in Julia’s old room to expose the murderer and his weapon. The weapon being a snake from India who turns on it’s master and bites him instead. Thus, leading us to the death of Dr.Grimesby Roylott which Waston spoke of in the introduction. Who killed one of his stepdaughters and attempted to murder his living one for money.
The Adventure of the Speckled Band is a grim adventure. It is filled with fear and murder and greed. It has a woman who fears for her life, a woman who was murdered right before she could marry her love, and a man so driven by greed he has lost his mind and committed the worst deeds he could. Fortunately, for this fictional world, it has a man like Sherlock Holmes, who can follow the smallest clues, solve the mystery, and save the

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