Sherlock Holmes Influence

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the pioneers of the English detective fiction and he created a new trend in detective fiction through his Sherlock Holmes stories. He is the inspirational force behind many modern sleuths, who still show the traces of Sherlock Holmes, the first scientific detective of the world. Many writers of the later centuries were greatly influenced by Doyle. Isaac Asimov, the popular American mastermind, is one of those writers, who were attracted by Doyle. Though he once told that he was not a true enthusiast of Holmes, there are many examples in his Baley novels to show the influence of Holmes. Asimov travels in the same path created by Doyle.
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He imagines that the future world will be filled by robots for doing all sorts of works. He expects that utilization of human resources will be limited by the existence of robots and it may lead to unemployment problems. Asimov, though attempts to present a mystery, never fails in his social concern. He is aware of the fact that the future earth will suffocate with over population and the essentials like water and food will be served in ration. There will not be any food option for the future generation to satisfy their palate. Asimov also expects that there will be a rebellion against robots and the human workers will exhibit hatred against the robots. This situation portrayed in The Caves of Steel is Asimov’s recollection of the social scenario after Industrial Revolution. In the Victorian England, post Industrial Revolution was full of commotion. There was deep hatred against the machines as they created unemployment in larger level. This proves that though Asimov lived in the twentieth century and dealt with remote future in his novels, he was interested in Victorian …show more content…
Elijah Baley is known for his intelligence and loyalty. He proves Poe’s words: "As the strong man exults in his physical ability, delighting in such exercises as call muscles into action, so glories the analyst in that mental activity that disentangles" (378). Baley is aware that robots are disliked by the earth people for they have stolen jobs from the human beings and they have caused unemployment problem in a larger level. Baley discusses the case of Dr.Sarton with Julius Enderby, the Commissioner of New York. Enderby, a Medievalist, wears a glass for his eyes and has windows in his office. He says he broke his glass three days before and suffered a lot. He is quite medieval, which is not particularly liked by Baley. Enderby informs that if Baley succeeds, he will be promoted to C-6 rank. Baley wonders why Enderby has handed over the case to him while there are many higher officials. Enderby says that the victim is a spacer called Roj Nemennuh Sarton, who was living in the space town. He was blasted by an energy blaster three days before. In fact, Enderby was in the space town while the incident occurred. The spacers have asked the earth authorities to handle the case and to find out the murderer as soon as possible as the space town is near the earth and it falls under the earth jurisdiction. Enderby knows the ability of Baley as they are friends from their college days. There is

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