Argumentative Essay On Robots

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Scientists and psychologists are working together on creating a robot that can be raised and taught like a baby. Children learn about the world around them by testing things out and observing the people around them. This is how they form their own opinions of our world and learn important lessons as well as experience things. The only commands and knowledge a robot has are the ones that they are programmed to know. This team’s objective is to program a baby robot to learn in the same way that human babies do. I believe that this poses some safety concerns and puts the well being of innocent people at risk.
“Babies learn through their own play and by watching others,” says Andrew Meltzoff, psychology professor and collaborator on this research,
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They could possibly become some of the best military weapons as well as nurses, doctors, teachers, and many other occupations. There has become a shortage in qualified teachers. Although it might frighten a second grader at first, they will be a big help. There can be robots that will do all of the hard labor that humans don’t want to or even consult us on how to do it easier as the robot did in the exercise with picking up objects off of the table. There is an endless amount of possibilities of things that these robots could be used …show more content…
There are many, many people who will be skeptical of a robot as their primary doctor or as their child’s history teacher. So, we humans will do what we do best when we are afraid, we will run. We will stop going to the doctor, stop going to school and stop enrolling in the military. This will basically put the power of our entire world into the hands of robots. All in all, the human race will feel uncomfortable and there will be no trust for these robots. And ultimately, everyone will cease to feel safe in our own world. This might cause some problems, such as riots.
To conclude this paper, I would like to say that robots are not monsters. But, they are different and we are not used to them. It will take a while for our society to get used to them and embrace them in our world. In conclusion, robots that learn are a safety hazard and pose a well being

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