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  • Childhood Neglect

    found, one will also find an absence of childhood among children. Throughout history, hardships such as neglect, poverty, and war have caused the rapid maturation among countless children, thus creating more societal problems. Neglect does…

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  • Attachment In Childhood

    The extended essay’s research question: To what extent does childhood attachment affect the formation of adult love relationships? Humans are social animals with a basic need to belong. In order to belong among others, one needs to create social and emotional bonds with others. During childhood, the social, emotional, and cognitive development is essential for further development of a personality and the ability to connect with others. Children need to form an attachment pattern in order to…

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  • Creativity In Childhood

    Creativity and Childhood Adversity In a relatively recent study looking to examine the cognitive effects of adverse conditions in childhood, 103 adult participants were tested for inhibition and shifting, an aspect of cognitive flexibility thought to underlie creativity. The participants’ childhoods were assessed in terms of harshness, related to socioeconomic status, and in unpredictability, related to lots of random change such as people often moving in and out of his or her home. A condition…

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  • Childhood Portfolio

    In this portfolio I explore the art of growing up, and the hardships that go with it. It is a journey on having innocence and how growing up you start to lose your innocence. When you first have your innocence you think the world is perfect and you see it through a black and white lense.However when you lose your innocence you start to notice the hardships people start to go through in life, and you start to notice that the world is not just black and white it has many other colors waiting to be…

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  • Childhood Definition

    Childhood is something experienced by everyone globally, but not everyone has the same experiences. It is an area that cannot be looked at as a biological, universal stage of life so instead we need to look at meta analysis to gain an understanding in Childhood. In the UK the legal definition of a 'child ' is from 0-18 years so the term child is in danger of becoming meaningless as there is a big difference in children 's needs from birth compared to a child aged 17, when people think of a…

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  • Toxic Childhood

    A set of specialists in the UK needs an exceptional Ministry of Childhood made to secure children's wellbeing, if guardians or parents won't. A screen-based way of life is hurting kids' wellbeing and health, as per a set of adult specialists. In an open letter to The Guardian, about 40 educationalists, clinicians, and authors has approached the British government to make a move to protect children from the "lethal nature" of current childhood. The letter is coordinated toward the United…

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  • Colonial Childhood

    Childhood for colonial children differ greatly from 21st century children. From the time they are born to the time they become young adults; children did not have the luxuries we have today. Although colonial children have similar lifestyles, detailed things such as toys and clothing are quite different from modern day. Throughout the life of a colonial child, development is important. Responsibilities are fast approaching such as schooling and work. But, this doesn’t become necessary until the…

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  • Childhood Innocence

    The author talked about the childhood innocence. The innocence of a child, which is a well meaning heart, curiosity, imagination, carefree, a fragile mind that hasn't experienced the big bad cruel world yet. 'asserting that abuse is never the child's fault". There is an important point, that there are two parts of children, children who are able to defend themselves against sexual abuse, this is refer to their family who taught them the defence and resistance. However, the other part, the…

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  • Maturity In Childhood

    maturity has to do with changes in the body as a person ages. As a child gets older they grow taller and stronger. When puberty kicks in a child will start to become sexually mature. The male and female sex organs will begin to produce hormones and affect the children physically and emotionally (Stöppler). Emotional maturity has to do with being able to control one’s emotions. When an emotionally mature person is faced with a difficult situation, they deal with the situation in an appropriate…

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  • Childhood Sociology Essay

    Historically, children and the sociology of childhood were understood as a passive, instable phase whilst undergoing the process of “becoming” a competent adult. Until that occurs, the children are considered insignificance in that their voices and experiences become unnecessary to be heard. The new sociology of childhood however fosters a different perspective on children and considers them as beings in their own right, capable of being social actors in the society (Colver, 2005). The purpose…

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