Childhood Autism Rating Scale

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  • Casein-Free Diet

    The children were provided meals and snacks from the General Clinical Research Center for a 12-week gluten- and casein-free diet. Each diet was made specifically for the child based on their food preferences. The results of this clinical trial showed no significant difference with Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS), Ecological Communication Orientation (ECO), and behavioral frequencies. There were also no significant differences in grouped data for urinary peptide levels of gluten and casein and observed parent…

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  • Literature Analysis

    The pre-survey will assess the teachers’ bias and expectations for the PLC. Midway through the study teachers will complete a check in (Appendix C) to aid in establishing themes within the PLC environment. At the conclusion of the school year a post-survey (Appendix B) searches to identify the teachers’ behaviors in the PLC and will look at how these behaviors affected instructional practices and student achievement. The pre-survey, final survey, and check point use similar questioning within…

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  • Guttmann Scale

    My dependent variable will be their perception of their latest relationship. To measure this, I will be using a Guttmann scale. This will enable me to incorporate both a dichotomous scale and a Likert scale. A dichotomous scale is when a question has two possible responses. A Likert scale is a type of rating scale that measures how someone feels about a certain topic containing degrees of feeling. With multiple Likert questions in a survey Cronbach’s alpha helps measure its reliability.…

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  • Balance Assessment In Parkinson's Disease

    computer constructed environment that a person can interact with in some way. An example of this could be the use of a Nintendo Wii balance board or handheld device, Xbox Kinect, or a projected environment on a screen. There are several reasons our group decided to focus our research on the use of VR. One of the reasons was the prevalence of the use of technology in today’s society. Another reason our group decided to further discover the use of virtual in a physical therapy setting was ability…

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  • Adaptive Behavioral Intervention Case Study

    However, the PDDBI has some unique characteristics that were more noticeable than the Vineland, such as, the interpersonal rejection of the individuals with PDD. With this in mind, the PDDBI pointed out the obvious, such as, the children’s speech delay, compassion and the joint attention. “Joint attention in children with autism, is an early developing social communication skill in , which two people usually a young child and an adult use gestures and observation to share attention with…

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  • Misconceptions About Autism

    Misconceptions and Speculations about Autism Write an “ignorance paper”. Given a disease or contemporary issue, find out and report on what is not known about this topic. Prove your points through your research. What do you make of autism spectrum disorder? Many people do not know what to make of it, especially since there is not much information on its causation and cure, explaining why mothers are often nervous trying to locate developmental delays. Studies focus predominantly on the…

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  • Autism: The Early Start Denver Model

    Autism is a neurodevelopmental syndrome that is defined by deficits in social reciprocity and communication, and by unusual restricted, repetitive behaviors (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). A person usually develops autism while he or she is an infant; however, a person can be diagnosed with autism until he or she is three years old. The first sign of autism in a child generally stem from their behaviors being different from other children of that age group. For example, an individual…

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  • Students With Disabilities Study

    The study followed six students who took part in inclusive early childhood programs. Each of these students was diagnosed with autism according to the DSM III (Strain & Hoyson 2000). Additionally, each of these students met other behavioral criteria to ensure the presence of significant needs in the areas of communicative, adaptive, and social functioning. The participants’ entry scores on the Childhood Autism Rating Scale(CARS) placed them in the moderate to severe range of autism (Strain &…

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  • Children With Autism Spectrum Analysis

    Keeping a Sound Marriage : How Couples with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Maintain Their Marriages. Marriage is the mutual consent of two individuals to commit and to devote each other 's unconditional love, understanding, and respect regardless their customs, beliefs and/or religion. The following research outlines the important factors that are essential to keep a solid marriage, while having children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). During the investigation, numerous…

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  • Summary: Devereux Early Childhood Assessment

    chance to use the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Clinical (DECA-C) with Tara Noel’s daycare provider to compare scores in that manners. Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Clinical (DECA-C) is typically used by early childhood mental health specialists. I am not concerned about Tara Noel’s mental health, but I was interested in comparing the DECA and DECA-C to each other. This assignment is probably the only opportunity I have to do so. On the DECA-C completed by the daycare provider,…

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