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  • The Art Of Knitting

    I definitely was not a natural at knitting. I would drop stitches and generate gaps that undoubtedly made the entire project lousy. My first scarf, similarly, resembled a colorful flag instead of something that anyone would wear around their neck, but I did not give up. Throughout the years, I have improved substantially and I do not know if I could have done that without Donna’s encouragement. Anytime I became frustrated about a new technique or pattern, she would talk me through it and help me backtrack my mistakes. Ultimately, I realized that knitting resembles sports or other hobbies; it is something that takes determination to succeed. If I had determination when I was dancing or playing basketball, they could have become remarkable hobbies for me, but it took knitting and Donna’s help to cause me to realize something: to realize that you should not give up the first time you have a…

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  • The Role Of Propaganda In Human Culture

    Most of the lines in the print are static, though lines near the knitting portion of the print tend to be more active, conveying a sense of activity and motion (her knitting). Many of the lines are assertive and give depth and color to the print. However, many other lines are subservient and create boundaries and form, such as the lines that create the hands and arms of the woman as well as the lines that create and sense of separation between her neck and her…

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  • My Expectation To Nursing School

    parents. What pains me to this day is that my dad feels as if he wasted the early part of his life, but I do not see it that way. He had the courage to want to do something that would benefit the Nigerian community. I guess this is where I get my ambitions from. Growing up I was your perineal athlete, but I also loved using my hands to turn something that was once nothing into something magical. I joined knitting club in elementary school and I remember one of the very first projects we had,…

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  • VF Brands Case Study

    The case study of VF Brands: Global Supply Chain Strategy makes excellent points towards their quest to decrease costs, increase efficiency while trying to stay ultra-competitive in the apparel market. Chris Fraser, president of Supply Chain for VF, states “We have to start finding cost savings by how we manage our supply chain.” (Kerin, R., & Peterson, R. 2013). This is the end goal for the Supply Chain segment of VF Brands. The first question of utilizing company- owned plants to using a large…

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  • Cultural Comprehension Resource Essay

    What are the aims of the Cultural Comprehension Resource, and how effective do you think the activities in the program are in achieving these aims? Aim: To improve and promote positive outcomes for young people through increasing harmony, safety, empowerment and wellbeing (O’Shaughnessy et al, 2011). Objectives: Decrease culturally related violence and improve safety for school students. Promote harmony, diversity, acceptance and tolerance amongst school students amongst school…

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  • What Are The Factors That Contribute To An Ensemble Sound?

    There are many factors that contribute to an ensembles’ sound. Most of which we spend our musical lives practicing; things like tone, vowels, diction, ect. As we begin to make the transition from ensemble member to leader we are thrown yet another contributing factor to sound: conducting. The art of conducting is a continuously growing set of skills for an individual. Many of the greatest conductors have spent decades perfecting their craft and creating their style, while building their…

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  • Woodland Adventure Playground Case Study

    Q.1 a) Concept, package, and process: Woodland adventure playground is one of the largest in the country designed for leisure sports with adventurous and exciting experience for visitors. Along with sports like slides, ropewalks, towers and trampolines, the kids can learn responsibilities at working farmyard by having a chance to handle “livestock like pigs, sheep, fish, and chicken” (Nigel Slack). The park has to be regularly maintained to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors,…

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  • Creativity In Childhood

    Creativity and Childhood Adversity In a relatively recent study looking to examine the cognitive effects of adverse conditions in childhood, 103 adult participants were tested for inhibition and shifting, an aspect of cognitive flexibility thought to underlie creativity. The participants’ childhoods were assessed in terms of harshness, related to socioeconomic status, and in unpredictability, related to lots of random change such as people often moving in and out of his or her home. A condition…

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  • A-1 Case Study

    After reviewing the information about A-1’s company, it is evident that due to it reaching capacity at its current facility and nearly exhausting its customer market, A-1 must make a change if it wants to continue to improve profits. Although there are several paths that A-1 could take, the best one is as follows: A-1 should purchase another facility in a location just outside of its current customer base. One facility should be used for the finishing of metal products and the other devoted to…

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  • The Importance Of Common Core Standards In School

    While most people are aware of common core, there is confusion as to what it is and how it will help our children in school. The idea of common core state standards were considered in 2007 during a forum by CCSSO (Development Process). In 2009, the government started to offer financial incentives to states to sign up for the common core standards. The grant known as Race to the top got 49 states and territories to sign up for the standards sight unseen (Wood). By 2010, the final draft was…

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