Kobe Bryant sexual assault case

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  • The Negative Influence Of Kobe Bryant

    Jackson (“Kobe Bryant” Unofficial Fansite 3). Even Kobe’s business interests outside of his already dropped endorsements were completely ruined, just furthering his already destroyed image (“JockBio: Kobe Bryant Biography” 16). And if the strained endorsements and his struggling team wasn’t enough, Kobe’s marriage was also at risk. Indeed, Kobe Bryant was, in fact, married at the time of the sexual assault. However, Kobe was able to “restore” his already broken marriage by purchasing a $4 million diamond ring to cover up his wrong. Obviously, his wife accepted the multi-million dollar apology, and the two remained married (“JockBio” 17). Basically, Kobe Bryant’s image was permanently ruined. Most people were at a loss what to think of the formerly blameless, so-called “prodigy” anymore. People’s feelings were often split on their opinion of Bryant, and the vast majority of these people had a very negative outlook on the situation (“Kobe Bryant” 3). On the other hand, the fact that…

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  • Kobe Bryant As An Influential Person

    “If you're afraid you're going to fail, then you're probably going to fail,” justifies Kobe Bryant. Likewise, Kobe Bryant feels that people need to…

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  • Injustice Against Women

    Historically rape is one of the oldest crimes in society, but it still has today’s society stumped on what kind of action to take when such a heinous crime is committed. Rape and sexual assault cases against women typically go unreported and can be difficult to prove in court of law. Because so little cases end in a conviction of the offender, women feel as if they aren’t taken seriously or that they are the ones to blame for the offense against them. Many factors come into play when a woman…

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  • Gender Injustice Cases Essay

    It seems like these days rape has become a common occurrence. If you look at any news outlet, new stories and cases can be found just about daily. Today’s society is becoming increasingly desensitized to rape because it is seen so frequently. With cases piling up, we begin to see each new instance as a meer number and forget the weight of these heinous crimes, as well as, the toll it can take on the victim. The trials that ensue after a rape is reported are grueling and tend to place the word of…

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  • Vince Carter's Contribution To The Development Of Canadian Basketball

    Throughout history, Canada has grown in so many ways from being more independent, proving our strength in the war, technological advances, gender and racial equality and many more. Canadian basketball is one of the many concepts that has evolved over the past few years thanks to former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter and retired NBA player Steve Nash. There has already been visible change in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for example the last two first round drafts have been Canadian…

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  • Michael Jordan And Kobe Jord The Best Basketball Player

    Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are often referred to as the best NBA players in their respective era. Both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have had amazing careers (Kobe still plays for the Los Angeles Lakers), but only one of them is the better basketball player. This comparison is one that will be made for years to come because of a multitude of reasons, mainly because they are the two best shooting guards to ever play in the NBA. To be the better basketball player an individual must show how…

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  • Comparison Of Michael Jordan And Lebron James

    have the strength and size to match-up with centers and forwards down low in the post. People will say however, “Jordan is better because he has six rings and Lebron only has three”. Yes that may be true but if you were too look at it from that standpoint than Bill Russell is the best player of all time because of championships. The debate is not whether or not who is the most accomplished player. It is who is the BEST player. In this day and age Jordan could not hang around the players of…

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  • Media Influence On Reality Sports

    Fantasy sports can be defined as a media game in which people use real life professional athletes’ performances, as points to win a made up game (Carroll 12, 2013). It is easy to see why a fabricated game like this could become so well liked throughout our culture because it is another way for fans to live out their professional sporting dreams vicariously through the athletes, while also being able to put together a group of players that would otherwise never be on the same team (Carroll 12,…

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  • Example Of A Narrative Textual Analysis

    told my parents that I was out of shape because of all the fast food I was eating. My parents did not find anything wrong with being a little overweight, but for me it meant being slower. Since my parents worked so much, they did not have known how they were going cook and work. I went to school and asked my coach what kind of food I should eat and how much. He gave a food pyramid and showed me how to read it. When I went home that day, I told my parents that they would not have to cook for me…

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  • Compare And Contrast Kobe And Lebron

    Kobe and Lebron were and still the best NBA players of their era. Basketball fan or not, you have probably heard or had a strong debate. Who is a greater player: Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? Although they have never played a single playoff game against each other, the comparison is inevitable. Both came to the NBA out of high school, both have been very dominant since their early years, and both made a huge impact on the league. They are both first-ballot Hall of Famers, with a combined eight…

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