Cultural Comprehension Resource Case Study

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What are the aims of the Cultural Comprehension Resource, and how effective do you think the activities in the program are in achieving these aims?
Aim: To improve and promote positive outcomes for young people through increasing harmony, safety, empowerment and wellbeing (O’Shaughnessy et al, 2011).
Objectives: Decrease culturally related violence and improve safety for school students. Promote harmony, diversity, acceptance and tolerance amongst school students amongst school children and the wider community, increase student engagement and empowerment, promote inclusivity and diversity, increase school attendance and educational outcomes (O’Shaughnessy et al, 2011).
The cultural comprehension resource was made because of growing
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This shows many people from Australia would have different religious backgrounds and many would not understand what another’s is about and means religious resources would be important for a huge number of people in Australia as it is a way to show and inform people of their beliefs as well as to gain a better understanding of their own. Evidence suggests that young people exposed to conflict commonly experience stunted personal, social and academic development, often resulting in further negative outcomes (Fuller, 1998), (Wilkinson & Marmot, …show more content…
They can be used to educate in general or used for a specific purpose e.g. when a specific class or school are lacking in religious understanding and people do not feel comfortable being in that space because of it. Morgan says “methods to help eliminate racism may include a variety of active learning strategies through different multi-sensory learning styles” (Morgan, 2015). The cultural comprehension resource gives ways of these then just getting someone in to talk about a religion thus catering to different learners needs. For example family feud the activity where groups are put into the situation of a young girl from Bosnia wanting to go on a date with an Australian boy two years older and her parents not being okay with that situation, gives the people in the groups an understanding and a brief view through someone’s eyes of what it may be like to have a different culture and religion. Which would be great for a kinesthetic learner whereas, having someone knowledgeable come in a talk to a class would work for a verbal

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