Summary Of Educating Everybody's Children

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Summary: Chapter two of the book Educating Everybody’s Children is a great resource for educators. Throughout the reading, the author presents instructional strategies that have relevance for educators of diverse students. To begin, the author addresses the issue of gap closing and explains its importance. Through comparisons between urban and suburban districts, the author expands upon the topic of “facing the achievement gap.” After laying out the facts of the achievement gap, the author proposes a few strategies that school districts and communities could use to close this gap. Ultimately, the author feels, diversity must be embraced, for “the implementation of sound, research-based strategies that recognize the benefits of diversity can …show more content…
After reading more about the concept and strategies which support it, I found myself loving the idea. Allowing students to explore their own culture and the culture of others is an important part of the learning process as we assist our students in becoming successful members of society.

4. What are the implications for a high school math teacher? It is imperative that high school mathematics teachers take these strategies and ideas into consideration. High school students are at a point in their lives where they are discovering themselves and need to be shown that diversity is to be accepted and celebrated. Students who are of diverse cultural backgrounds need to feel accepted and included. All students have a right to learn and deserve all the help they need to do so successfully.

5. What are the implications for pedagogical practices in your
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While all students deserve to be treated equally, part of that equality is that they all have a fair shot at receiving a quality education. In my future classroom, I plan to work closely with my struggling students and to utilize strategies such as those presented in this reading. In general, mathematics is a difficult subject to grasp and can be made even more challenging due a language barrier or a fear of speaking up. Strategies, such as those highlighted in this reading, are needed to help all students to achieve their

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