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  • Knowledge Without Knowledge: The Importance Of Knowledge

    Knowledge cannot be illustrated with one straightforward definition and in consequence, there are innumerable ways of receiving it. From day one of our lives, we are obtaining knowledge from our own experiences and the experiences of those close to us. Knowledge is obtained not only from the facts in a textbook but from the senses we are born with. It is not simply one or the other but is a jumbled up stew of education and experiences that creates the knowledge one knows today. And when we explore the assertion “Without knowledge of the past, we would have no knowledge at all” the flaws of the statement can be seen when one understands the different ways of collecting knowledge. Although many argue that knowledge of the past is knowledge itself,…

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  • Shared Knowledge: The Importance Of Knowledge And Personal Knowledge

    Personal Knowledge is a knowledge acquired by an individual through his/her experience, practice and personal involvement and closely bound up with the local circumstances of an individual. The local circumstances of an individual such as biography, interest and values are integral part of acquiring a personal knowledge. The personal knowledge is influenced by the individual’s perspective, which gets built over a period of time. Personal knowledge refers to the possession of knowledge by an…

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  • Knowledge Vs Shared Knowledge

    Looking at shared knowledge; it is derived from an individual’s personal knowledge. Therefore shared knowledge was first personal knowledge before it became shared knowledge. Shared knowledge is the knowledge that is available to everyone it is knowledge that “we” all know. Personal knowledge is knowledge that is personal to an individual it is knowledge that “I” know. History can only be counted as history because the knowledge of history is shared but if the individual’s knowledge didn’t make…

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  • Knowledge Is The Key To Knowledge Essay

    constructors of our own knowledge as well as knowing what we know and what we do not know about the universe. Knowledge can be viewed and defined in many depending on the person, culture, religion, and lifestyle. Whether people like Sagan or Hawking may dispute their point of views of the universe, they also pertain to have similarities about it as well. Our own beliefs of what knowledge represents to society as well as individually to us can often be subject to outside influence. The common…

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  • Shared Knowledge And Personal Knowledge

    While exploring the relationship between our shared knowledge and our individual knowledge, we see that there is an influence from both directions. Shared knowledge, in this context, is the knowledge belonging to a particular group of people who may be collaboratively working together, either in a separate ‘space and time’ or different places. On the other hand, personal knowledge can be interpreted as knowledge resulting from the influence of my own individual perspective, which includes…

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  • Neutrons: Knowledge Is Power, And Knowledge

    start with the knowledge that humanity have nowadays atoms? (I do not really sure if this question can be considerate part of the course, but at the same time that I watch the podcast, I start to search about neutrons and I found this video in You Tube about the neutron starts, it is origin and it is density). Prompt #1: Does it matter that you can not really touch anything? Not really, I prefer keep the idea that I touch something because this kind of topic come to an existential problem for…

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  • Knowledge, Knowledge And Virtue In Plato's Meno

    between Socrates and Meno but instead pulls the reader into a series of questions, without clear conclusions. Although the focus of the Meno is virtue the way in which Plato approaches the topic (by putting forth new questions which surround the central one) allows for a deeper evaluation of each question. In the dialogue, the words knowledge and wisdom are used almost interchangeably and it is assumed that both knowledge and wisdom must be taught. Yet, knowledge and wisdom have two different…

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  • Importance Of Personal Knowledge And Shared Knowledge

    Knowledge is the theory or empirical of a particular subject area and is used in different aspects of our lives. Shared knowledge is either a fact or an agreement by the majority. It is a public knowledge as a large number of people or a small group, such as religious groups, ethnic groups and school groups, could access this knowledge. In the contrary, personal knowledge is gained from one’s experience, education, and observation and is possessed by the individual. Although everyone develops…

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  • The Importance Of Shared Knowledge And Personal Knowledge

    Knowledge is found in many ways yet it may be broadly classified into ‘Shared Knowledge’ and ‘Personal knowledge’. With reference to ‘Shared Knowledge’, we often mean to say ‘we know’, being objective in nature. The field of education is a shared knowledge system where individuals from different cultural backgrounds are collectively brought and are imparted with ideas based on various areas of knowledge, which contain theories, facts and information. In this era of rapid technological change,…

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge And Knowledge In Chaaubury's Canterbury Tales

    Day in and day out, humans are constantly gaining knowledge. Knowledge is defined as information or skills based on education or experience. A lot of things on Earth today were invented by using one’s prior knowledge based on the education received or the experience one has gone through. Knowledge is then to create power to provide one with a stable job, social status, and a say in what another person can or cannot do. Knowledge can be gained through multiple ways like attending school,…

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