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  • Grammar Vs English Grammar

    OMG did you here? i know right!!!! its crazzzyyy! In this day and age, texting is one of the main types of communication. Whether children choose to use correct grammar when texting, do they really know proper grammar for everyday use? Some people claim that children still have the capability to use proper grammar skills, and that they just choose not to. Others believe that children really do not know any better. With the belief that texting does not effect children’s grammar, one must wonder if this is true. Texting has recently come of age. It emphasizes the generation gap between adults and pre-teens. Since adults have learned to text in their later stages of life, they are less prone to grammatical errors. Texting has a certain format,…

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  • Importance Of Grammar And Pragmatics

    The scope of pragmatics can then be defined in a manner that delimits it from grammar, and at the same time shows the fact that both fields combine together in a consistent framework for studying language. So in the process of understanding the meaning of a sentence, one should take care of pragmatics, not just grammar. This conclusion does not delete the importance of grammar in the development of language. That leads us to the overall conclusion: grammar and pragmatics contribute in the…

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  • Grammar And Noam Chomsky's Theory Of Universal Grammar

    Noam Chomsky introduced a theory of Universal Grammar (UG), which stated that the knowledge of grammar was dependent on two components: principles, properties shared by all languages, and the parameters, the way in which these properties vary. Controversies abound with the UG model, but it does explain how all natural languages are similar in some respects and how humans are able to learn their first language as well as other languages. UG simplifies the ideas about learning a second language by…

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  • ESL Grammar Essay

    students to become better learners. However, many students who came from a different country do not take any benefit from it. Teachers these days can be very talented in their areas of concentration, but they certainly are not trained to help English as a Second Language (ESL) students. With the increasing amount of immigrants coming to the U.S, schools and teachers need to acquire a new responsibility, which is providing English input for English Language Learners (ELLs). By English input I…

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  • The Importance Of Grammar In The English Language

    immemorial, Grammar has been among the utmost essential components in the English language. The English language would not similarly exist if grammar did govern the language. If grammar did not control the language, chaos would exist in the language: frequent misunderstandings would be quite common in the language, and individuals would have a certain amount of difficulty communicating to one another. Society as it exists would collapse without proper communication. Communication needs grammar,…

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  • English Language Grammar Essay

    Different views emerge in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT). While theories and approaches are put forward to understand the nature and applicability of certain phenomenon related to ELT, different points of view arise. Grammar perhaps is one of which. With the current changes and circumstances of the world, the paper will examine how grammar should be taught. This paper will explain how there is a need to create a balance and build on circumstances and needs of learners when teaching…

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  • The Reflection Of The Characteristics Of Rules In Teaching Grammar

    According to Widodo (2006), a deductive approach is making use of knowledge from general to specific. In teaching grammar, this approach is called rule- driven approach as well. In this type, grammar knowledge is explicitly imparted then; teachers explain and reinforce their learners’ comprehension with some practical activities. According to Widodo as well, in deductive approach learners feel comfortable while doing their exercises because they feel safe from committing grammatical errors.…

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  • Grammar Revolution Video Analysis

    Watching the video titled, Grammar Revolution did my heart good as it showed me that there are highly educated, dedicated teachers and lovers of the English language unable to agree among themselves how to teach grammar to children. The views of the “Stuffy English” crowd versus the “Practical English” people were quite humorous to watch at times because if they can’t agree then what hope does the average person like me have? With that being said, let’s examine the theme that this video…

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  • I Won T Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar

    In the writing “I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar”, Wiens compares the nuances of writing code to that of using Grammar, “good writing…programming, the devil is in the details.” (Wiens 104), in that the details make up a larger esthetical component of the writing than it would otherwise make up. This means that a grammar mistake (i.e. to instead of two) accounts for a significant portion of how the writing will be seen. If it is grammatically okay, then the meaning and purpose of the…

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  • Genie's Universal Grammar Theory: The Development Of Language

    Genie had no real capacity to learn language. This phenomena of severely decreased ability to learn something as someone ages is called a “critical period.” Something is expected to develop within this time and if it does not, it is significantly harder or even impossible to learn certain information or develop certain skills (Genie). Famous development psychologist, Noam Chomsky argues children are not taught grammar but acquire it through socialization—we are preprogrammed to develop language…

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