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  • Motorcycle Talk: An Explanation Of SMS Language

    Tough to read isn’t it? That is an example of what is called SMS Language. When online or cellular texting services first came out, there was a limit to how many characters you could use. Therefore, many had to improvise what would be correct english of more than 200 characters, into improper english down to 140 or less. Standard English is the most widely accepted form of english by institutions such as schools and heads of state. With that being said, not all speak the same way. The concision of simplified english into SMS Language may be difficult to understand, but to many it’s the only way they can communicate properly with others. In this essay, SMS (which will stand for Simplified Mode of Speech) will be used as an umbrella term of the…

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  • Technology: Improving Communication In The Workplace

    people to exchange their message, voice message, pictures and photos with other users. Apart from that, these applications are able to improve the company’s performance by sending a greeting message to customers and get the opinion from customers. For example, McDonald advertises its promotion through Line by giving a sundae cone to everyone with free if charge. 3.2.4 Short Message Service (SMS) Besides that, short message service (SMS) is one of the popular ways that people use to convey the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Texting

    Driver’s Manual 91). Stating that any form of using a mobile device is prohibited because of the consequences related to it. Texting has a significant amount of life changing problems related to it. Despite all the negative aspects of messaging there are a few positive aspects of them. First, it provides an easy way to alert people in dangerous situations. For example most colleges have an emergency system that will send out a text message alerting their students about what is going on. But…

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  • Sexting Behavior: The Sociological Perspective

    Within our current culture today youth sexting has become quite a common activity, having up to 1/3rd of today’s youth participating in it (Strohmaier et al. 2014). This section will examine how exactly this activity is being performed by our young adults. Sexting behaviours is identified in one of the research studies as any behaviours that include sending someone via mobile phone: sexually explicit worded message, sexually explicit videos or photos (anything showing: genitals, breasts,…

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  • Veronica Stafford's: Texting And Literacy By Veronica Collins

    Formal Essay Number 1 In Veronica Stafford’s essay “Texting and Literacy” (found on page 115 in the textbook) she discusses how she thinks texting has doomed the future. She has noticed that at her school many of the students do not pay attention to each other as they walk down the halls between classes; instead of looking at everyone, and where they are going, they are texting. According to Ms. Stafford it is texting that causes students to be stupid and to get bad grades. However this is…

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  • Texting Gone Wrong Analysis

    Sadly in today’s economy everywhere you look you will see texting, the dominance of the human soul, but nevertheless have people noticed the influence it has on our literacy and social interactions as teenagers. Texting shortens and simplifies the English language while it degrades it as well. It is also a big distraction that makes people become irresponsible and lazy. The article “ Texting Gone Wrong” by Turake is ineffective because it gives evidence but it mostly lacks support for the…

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  • Growing Up As A Child Who Changed My Life

    As a child, you never think what would happen if the time you spent with someone would be your last moments with them. When you said goodbye to that person, it was not supposed to be a permanent goodbye, but more like an “I will see you later.” Growing up as a child, I never thought about death or losing someone I cared about deeply. I thought that I would have that person in my life forever. Even as I got older I did not think much about death because it was hard to think about telling someone…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay-Ending Distraction

    Ending Distracted Driving As more people, especially young people, feel the need to constantly feel connected, entertained, and busy, injuries and fatalities caused by distracted driving have gone from bad to worse. The biggest worry is in novice, not necessarily young, drivers who don’t have the experience and maturity to react to sudden situations while driving. When you add a text message or changing the radio the sudden situation becomes deadly. Nearly 4000 drivers were involved in a fatal…

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  • Reflective Essay: Change The Channel

    I started “Change the Channel” on August 25th and it ended on August 27th. I stopped texting some of my friends and family members and started calling them more while the rest of my friends and family I stared texting more. My experience was very interesting and some of the outcomes that occurred I didn’t really expect. I was so use to calling certain people and texting certain people that I feel like this experience affected my life in a good way. When my friends need help I am always the…

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  • Is Texting Harmful Essay

    Is Texting Harmful Many people are unaware that according to a 2010 survey 75 percent of teens are now texting, which is nearly a 51 percent increase since the year 2006. (Teen) It is believed that texting too much as well as tweeting up to 100 and more times daily can cause people to be shallow, obsessed with accessories, and have low self-esteem issues. Teens that text over 100 times daily have the tendency to be image obsessed and driven by wealth. Although some of these teens may be…

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