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  • Social Network Theory: Instant Messaging Among College Students

    of the computer has contributed to the increased use of the internet as a new and a very convenient new way of communication that has changed the way people interact. However, no scholarly studies have been conducted that evaluated on how much impact does the use of social media, Facebook, Instagram and twitter had on college students. Researchers on the Gratification theory have conducted a comparative work that explained the gratifications drawn from using the social media compared to instant messaging. Review of Literature: Helme, D. W., Hight, A. E., & Mitra, A. (2010). Instant Messaging as Social Interaction in College: Behavioral and Gender Correlates of Use. Kentucky Journal Of Communication, 29(2), 75-98. Cellphones have become a powerful hand tool to humans. The use of iphones has contributed to the popular use of Instant Messaging among high school and college students. The current study looked at the behavior and gender differences among the college students’ use of instant messaging (IM) and face to face communication. The Gratification theory (UGT) and the Social Network Theory (SNT) were used to further explain the relationships. Results supported the social network theory because individuals responded extensively while the Gratification theory was not fully supported. However, the study did…

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  • Comparing Two Writing Styles Essay

    genres: essay writing and instant messaging (such as Facebook and MSN when that was still around). I chose these two types of writing as they are what I have spent almost all my time writing. However, they are so different that they are close to being opposites of one another. There are many reasons for these distinct differences, one being the interest in the act of actually writing the piece, another is the atmosphere the piece is written in and hence how the writer feels when producing their…

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  • Unit Standard 6852 Unit 2 Different Communication Mediums

    Synchronous communication was not always possible however, we first started with asynchronous communications (which were still a very important stage for networking). Forms of asynchronous communications would be e-mails, faxes, and even instant messaging can be asynchronous at times when the messages aren’t read instantly. The introduction to synchronous communication meant an increase in networking communications, as the speed would determine how time-sensitive the information…

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  • Similarities Between Facebook And Twitter Essay

    biggest social media sites in the world. A lot of people use Facebook or Twitter to communicate with their friends or family members. People spend a lot of hours reading comments, tweets, and checking pictures of their friends. Both Facebook and Twitter are about socializing and information gathering. These networking sites have become an integral part of everyone lives. It is hard to imagine a world without Twitter or Facebook because most of people use these networking sites every day.…

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  • Student Multitasking Behavior

    According to the authors, media multitasking depends on the motivation of goals and cognitive of the multitasker and the amount of resource demands on the multitasking behavior. Participants for this study were 375 undergraduate and graduate students, ages 18-38, from 59 universities in Beijing, China. The participants were asked how many hours on a typical day did the students spend on the several communication activities. There were 8 items on the list, and they were watching video contents,…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of Collaboration In Business

    Groupware is software’s for groups working common task that involves collaborating. They are inexpensive and mostly web-based. These software products can be used collaborating in the same room or worldwide. There are software’s for general, synchronous and asynchronous type of meetings. Some of the general software’s include built-in e-mail, messaging system, instant messaging, browser interface, joint web page creation, file sharing, shared screens, electronic decision rooms, and peer-to-peer…

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  • Impact Of Social Media On Students

    They also like to do multitasking with the use of communication and information technologies. But, few studies have also investigated the effect of multitasking on the outcomes of education among different students. This study also fills the gap in such an area by utilization of web based large sample survey about use of communication technology for examining how multitasking and instant messaging affect the outcomes of perceived education. Since, multitasking is responsible for impeding the…

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  • The Influence Of Technology On Politics

    In the last 30 years new technology has emerged that puts their predecessors to shame. Everything we use today is a progression of a technology of the past and the technology of the present will also be worked on to become more efficient as well. Cell phones, computers, the internet, text messaging, and software are just some examples that show how technology has made our society more efficient. Whether it is from schools, communication, or just reading your daily news, technology is everywhere.…

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  • Social Media Privacy Case Study

    As technology continues to expand, reaching and connecting more people each and every day, social media and society become inseparable. Society as a whole relies on social media to get through the day, from merely checking early morning emails, to video chatting with family across the country. This strong connection between society and social media increases interactions with others near and far, yet, points out the issues of trust, security, and privacy in relation to applications and websites…

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  • The Importance Of Facebook For Eaf Students

    their comments on different subjects to their group which was constructed through WhatsApp. The results showed a significant difference between the writing scores of the students in the pretest and posttest. Bouhnik and Deshen (2014) investigated about mobile instant messaging between teachers and students. The researchers believed that one of the specific features of WhatsApp application is its capability to enhance communication within a group. To conduct the exploratory project, twelve…

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