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  • Importance Of Mobile Phones

    The mobile phone is great technology and is a must-have for life in the 21st century. Today smart phones are a part of everyday life. Millions of people wouldn’t leave their homes without it. Communication and mobility are two very important things in today’s society. The Smartphone enables both. Neilson research shows smart phone sales skyrocketed since 2012. Fifty-five percent of all mobile phone subscribers are using smart phones now. Seventy four percent of young adults ages 25 to 34 own a smart phone. Smart phone ownership for kids 13 to 17 years old went up 22 percent from 2011 to 58 percent in 2015. More and more young people are getting smart phones at even younger ages in 2015. Smart phones have many functions. They keep everyone communicating and connected. Anyone is reachable from anywhere at any time. This is also great for safety. Smart phones provide quick and easy entertainment with a huge selection of games, shows, and other applications. People can access the internet, news, and books to stay updated at all times. Smart phones are small in size, making them convenient to take with you everywhere. They have endless…

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  • Essay On Mobile Phones

    Cell phones of 30 years ago, and today’s models have nothing in common, other than the ability to communicate. Over the years, the design of the phone itself has changed from cumbersome to sleek. Also, modern cell phones can be used for much more than simple communication. Earlier cell phones were not targeted for the general populace, while modern cell phones are used by every age, from children to retirees. Advanced technology has changed how people view the purpose of cell phones, the…

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  • History Of Mobile Phones

    Mobile phones (or at least the mobile devices we know today) are relatively new in the sense of how long they have been around. While a lot of mobile history dates back further the first real mobile phone was developed in 1908 when a US patent was issued to develop a wireless telephone in Kentucky. This would only be followed in the 1940s when engineers’ working for AT&T made them for mobile phone base stations. Mobile devices or in this case; phones, have certain classifications when it comes…

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  • Mobile Phone Effect

    Impacts of Overuse of Cell Phones on Young Adults Cell phones have become and extension in our life; for instance we have become so dependable on our cell phones that we cannot imagine our lives without one. It gives us the ability to listen to music, text or call friends, and play games. However,society today, especially young people are becoming addicted to their cell phones. We cannot keep hands off from our phones, not even for a thirty seconds. Meanwhile, it is strange to see someone at…

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  • The Importance Of Mobile Phone

    The mobile phone has established as an important gadget in technology. It has been suggested that excessive mobile phone use may be associated with health-compromising behaviours, such as sleeping behaviour (Koivusilta, Lintonen, & Rimpela, 2015). The mobile phone is viewed as an important communication tool and has become an integral part of student’s life. Access to the internet is increasingly easy due to improvements in technology and the prevalence of mobile phone. It is generally…

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  • The Impact Of Mobile Phones?

    Facebook. What follows that initial message is a never-ending tapping of the screen, people faces lit up by a white glow, people ignoring the others around them, oblivious to everything going on around and eyes only focused down on that small little screen. The impact of the small screen known as phones is incredible. The small phenomenon known as a mobile phone has reached every corner of the world. People who own one of these little bits of technology has had their lives taking over by them…

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  • Mobile Phone Invention

    "Cell phones do have the potential to make us more focused on what goes on in our personal lives, and the personal lives of the people we 're close to" (Campbell 8) The first hand held cellphone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Dr. Cooper of Motorola in 1973, using a handset weighing approximately 4.4 pounds. The first commercial automated cellular network was launched in Japan by NTT in 1979. In modern society cellphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, it is…

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  • Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone

    Thousands of years ago, ancestors used horses to deliver the message to other tribes when it is necessary. Chinese warriors used fire to light up the great wall passing signals to camps from hundred miles away. Nowadays, thanks to the technology that people no longer have to waste time on the trip for one message or a letter. After the mobile phone has published to the public, it becomes one of the necessities that people use and carry every day. The message is one of the most efficient…

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  • Mobile Phone Communication

    at least one teenager staring at his or her cell phone? This situation seems implausible. The amount of children today who have mobile devices compared to twelve years ago has doubled. Nearly seventy percent of kids between the ages of eleven and fourteen have a cell phone, while eighty-five percent of teenagers between the ages of fourteen and seventeen own one as well (Davis par. 3). It is understandable that a concerned parent would buy his or her children a cell phone to obtain a type of…

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  • Mobile Phone Observation

    My observations were around Time. I wanted to observe how people using their mobile phones to schedule their time. I observed three people- one in person, one via Skype, and one via Google Hangouts. I asked the three people to walk me through how they normally use calendar(s) on their phone around scheduling appointments and events (using the calendars they normally use). Jana Jana is a UX research who recently moved across the country. She attends a lot of UX related events for and needs to put…

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