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Cell phones of 30 years ago, and today’s models have nothing in common, other than the ability to communicate. Over the years, the design of the phone itself has changed from cumbersome to sleek. Also, modern cell phones can be used for much more than simple communication. Earlier cell phones were not targeted for the general populace, while modern cell phones are used by every age, from children to retirees. Advanced technology has changed how people view the purpose of cell phones, the economic and environmental impact in manufacturing these phones, and how phones are sold.
The first mobile phone call was made April 3rd, 1973 on an innovative new battery-charged phone that could only be used for a short time before the phone’s battery
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No longer do people use cell phones to simply place a call. Now they are used to text, keep appointments, access bank accounts, email, play games, surf the internet, download videos, and much more. Back in the 1980’s, to send someone a letter, the author of the letter had to physically take the letter to the post office. Once in the hands of the USPS, the letter then took several days to reach the recipient. Now, letters can be sent via email either on a desktop computer, or more significantly, on a cell phone through an application. For many people, cell phones are their lifeline. With this knowledge, cell phone companies are constantly trying to out-do each other with the latest technology to get a bigger portion of the pie. However, along with this growing technology comes a greater risk to the environment. Are these companies using materials that are economical and environmentally safe? Charges that are plugged in to the outlet but not to a device, continue to draw a charge. This is draining valuable energy that could be used elsewhere. While most people are aware of the potential dangerous effects that cell phones pose to them and the environment, most are not aware of the degree of risk they cause. For example, on the chart enclosed, there are extreme hazards to disposing of mobile phones (Electronic Waste Environmental …show more content…
According to the inventor Martin Cooper, “people will demand freedom to communicate wherever they are (Newstream/Arraycomm).” Cell phones have provided the freedom of communication that people crave. And now, with this newer and more advanced technology, it seems that everything about one’s life can be found on his or her cell phone. There are also applications, ‘apps’, that can virtually track a person from birth to

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