The Evolution Of Cell Phones

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Throughout the years, phones have had modifications and improvements that have changed the world. The phone was invented in 1876 by a man named Alexander Graham Bell. Although the phone was simply used for communication, the fact that technology could send sound waves through an electronic device was unbelieveable. Slowly, as the years went on, more advancements were made. The phone became portable and smaller, texting was invented, cameras were conjoined with the phone, and the internet was accessible. The continual evolution of the phone has redesigned technology in the time frame of one hundred and forty years through improvements that both benefit and hinder society. Despite the fact that the phone was invented over one hundred and forty …show more content…
Smartphones are capable of performing functions much like a computer. They have internet access, which has paved way for applications, games, and social media. Internet access is extremely useful because not only can it be used to research things on search engines like Google, but also, with the invention of smartphones, accessing the internet is incredibly easy and efficient. Instead of needing to bring a large, heavy laptop in order to access the internet, people can pull out their small, light smartphone to browse the internet and look up what they need. It also allows for socializing, getting information, and even working. Applications, or apps, as people now call it, are softwares that were invented for smartphones to download. It allows users to perform a specific task conveniently. For example, the app that Google created, Google Docs, allows users to create, edit, and delete documents on their Google Drive. I actually used Google Docs in a long car ride, which allowed me to be productive on some documents that I was required to edit and write on. Also, some smartphone companies have standard apps already included within the phone. For instance, Apple created the iPhone, which includes an app for an alarm, a calculator, video chatting, and much more. Apple has drastically changed the texting and video chatting industry forever because before, texting people out of the country was expensive, but now with the internet, texting people from across the globe is now possible and completely free. Moreover, the industry of social media has prospered due to the use of the internet. Companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more have flourished thanks to the smartphone era. Social media has allowed users to communicate, share photos,videos, and share thoughts with friends as well as strangers. The power of social media is overwhelming. People have demonstrated

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