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  • 5G Case Study

    ABSTRACT: The cellular industry has already started laying the foundation for 5G, as the 4G deployments are happening worldwide. However, there are few questions that are being discussed among research institutions, standards bodies, operators, the supplier community, trade organizations and governments – What will be the 5G deployment time frame? What will characterize networks beyond 2020? What are the likely technologies that will come in to play for 5G? This paper is a survey paper, in an attempt to address these questions in a systematic way. This paper presents the 5G use cases, requirements, spectrum requirements, considerations and the technology elements. The 5G use cases described in Section II include the Internet of Things (IoT),…

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  • General Dynamics Mission Systems Analysis

    Phase Tactical cellular technology has been around since the 1980’s. GTE, which is now General Dynamics established this technology for the Army in 1985 (Thompson, 2012). The first cellular network used by the United States Army was the Mobile Subscriber Equipment network. It was christened in 1991 in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Mobile Subscriber Equipment network is the foundation of the tactical communications network and precursor to Warfighter Information…

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  • Three Basic Modes Of Signal Communication And Mobile Health Applications

    Cellular networks are a type of wireless WAN. Various technologies are utilized in cellular networks but there are only three basic modes of signal communications. These are simplex, half duplex and full duplex. In simplex transmissions the signal goes in only one direction and this type is usually seen in television and radio stations. Half duplex signaling is bi-directional but each signal has to wait its turn because only one can travel at a time. Examples of half duplex are the…

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  • Technology's Impact On Culture

    Technology has had the largest impact on our society and culture in the past few decades. Before cellular communication, life was very simplistic in which pen and paper were used to form letters to send information to those who were not close by before the rise of technology. As the Internet and mobile phones were created, there was a rapid increase in the production and distribution of cellular devices as their popularity steadily increased. The introduction of the flip phone was a giant…

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  • Cellular Case Study

    1.1 Overview of the service sector and its contribution in the economy Idea Cellular started its journey in 1995 as Birla Communications restricted with GSM licenses in Gujarat and geographic area circles.In 1996 it modified name to Birla AT&T Communications restricted following venture between Grasim Industries and AT&T Corporation. In 2001 it modified name to Birla Tata AT&T as a venture between Hindu deity Birla cluster, Tata cluster and AT&T Wireless. the corporate named its complete plan in…

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  • Prepaid Mode

    Introduction & Overview of the whole service In today’s world, our dependence on the use of cell phones and their utility is such that it has now become almost a basic necessity of our life. However, the smartphones that we use so extensively today to carry out our day to day routines with such high data rates have not always been like this. Cell phones and Cellular industry has witnessed perhaps the fastest ever evolution and has taken many forms over a period of last two decades. In technical…

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  • Pestle Analysis: Pestel Analysis Of Telecom

    Around 2008 due to huge competition among service providers tariff rates went down also handset were available at affordable priced leading to huge increase in customer base (mostly middle and lower income class). Technology Earlier CDMA cards were being used by service provider which made customer bound to the particular service provider. Introduction of GSM cards made it easy for everyone to switch service provider irrespective of handset they use. Cheaper handset made it easy for majority of…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Cellphones On Airplanes

    Like I had mentioned above, the first disadvantage of using cell phones during flight time might interfere with cellular networks on the ground and it could potentially bring down an airplane. Besides, it also can interfere with the instrument. Another disadvantage is if cell phones allowed on plane then people can make calls anytime, it will be noisy, because some people will speak loudly when they are making a phone call. In other hand, people who has 10 hours flight and need to take rest, but…

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  • Iphone External Factors

    being used. These are the major factors to consider when looking at why a product was designed a certain way. The iPhone in not an exception to this rule, and all of these factors were important parts of the iPhones design process. At the time of Apples release of the iPhone is 2007, they were already a global company and they want to be able to market their products outside of the United States. This design factor became a major consideration of the design of the iPhone. At the time there…

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  • Cell Phone Environmental Effects

    It does so by joining with a cell system given by a cellular telephone administrator, permitting access to general society phone systems. By difference, a cordless phone is utilized inside the short scope of a solitary, private base station. Notwithstanding telephony, advanced cellular telephones likewise help a wide assortment of different administrations; for example, content informing, multimedia servicing, email, Internet access, short-go remote correspondences, business applications,…

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