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  • Catechol Oxidase Lab Report

    The prediction for this experiment was: when the temperature hits 80 degrees Celsius, the catechol will be at its optimal absorbance. The alternate hypothesis tested for this following experiment was that there is a significant relationship between catechol and pH. In contrast, the null hypothesis states that there is no significant relationship between catechol and oxidase and pH. This hypothesis will be supported if the rate of catechol oxidase does not increase. The hypothesis was tested by observing the reaction time of catechol oxidase at four different…

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  • Cane Toad

    RESEARCH QUESTION: This experiment will analyse the changes in performance of a cane toad in abiotic factors, such as temperature. HYPOTHESIS: Cane Toads exposed to a warmer temperature will more times per minute compared to cane toads exposed to a cooler temperature. METHODS: 16 cane toads were kept at a constant temperature in an insulated container (two treatments: 8 in 25 degree Celsius and 8 in 15 degree Celsius temperate environments). Toads were then taken out, one by one, and placed…

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Lab

    is to gather the best data possible from this experiment. If not done this way, it could result in data points either much higher or lower depending on the time it was tested and if it differed from trial to trial. Vessel Containing H2O2 The vessel being utilized for each trial will be a test tube so that fluctuating surface area will not negatively impact the experiment itself. Materials: 12 mL of 2.0 Molar Potassium Iodide 1, 10 mL graduated cylinder 60 mL of Hydrogen Peroxide 1 hot…

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  • Fermentation Essay

    the present study was that at temperatures higher or lower than 40 degrees Celsius fermentation is inhibited. Alcoholic fermentation is used in food production such as brewing, winemaking, and baking (Campbell). Thus optimizing fermentation and understanding the effect of various environmental factors can have important economic and social benefits. The production of CO2 is being assessed to show the rate of fermentation at certain time intervals. This data could be used to optimize fermentation…

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  • Temperature And Temperature Experiment

    new data collection. Rubber stopper assembly obtained and connected to plastic tubing and valves. Connector attached at free end of tubing to the gas pressure sensor with a clockwise turn. Two-way valve left open. Rubber-stopper assembly inserted tightly into the 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask. Closed the two way valve so it was perpendicular with valve stem. Mode changed to selected events on labquest. Graph settings changed to display pressure vs. temperature graph, measurements recorded in kPa…

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  • Germinating Peas Lab Report

    Introduction: Aerobic cellular respiration is the process in which energy is being released from organic compounds by chemical oxidation. In this lab we compared the change of the consumption of oxygen in germinating peas as it underwent changes in temperatures of either ten degrees Celsius, or 22 degrees Celsius (room temp.) to the oxygen consumption of dried peas as it also underwent the same temperatures of ten and 22 degrees Celsius. I hypothesized that the germinating peas would consume…

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  • Crayfish Behavior

    had melted, the temperature of the water as well as the water in beakers labeled ‘1’ and ‘2’ were recorded in celsius. While the temperatures were being recorded, another person within the group placed one crayfish within each beaker. Without disturbing the crustaceans, we waited for five minutes, until removing all crayfishes from the water. As soon as they were removed, we started the timer. When the crayfish calmed down or lowered their claws, it was immediately recorded. We repeated the…

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  • The Effect Of Temperature On Cellular Respiration

    up respiration in higher temperatures. Methods Preparation of Experiment The first step in preparing for this experiment is to make sure you have two respirometers. One has cotton inside to act as a control. The second respirometer is to be filled with mung bean seeds until it is approximately 2-3 cm from the top. Second step after adding the bean seeds and cotton make sure the cotton filled respirometer has a little moisture inside. To obtain this you will need to add few droplets of water on…

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  • How Does Environment Affect The Environment

    global rate. The cause-and-effect relationship of human consumption and the release of damaging the missions into our atmosphere can be seen easily. Obviously people are the cause of this temperature spike. The worst part is this selfish attitude of those is directed towards the earths recourses. Our industry today is careless and will rape and plunder the earth at a very high price. We are constantly changing our ways but all change has led towards a negative change. When we look at the…

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  • Solar Oven Experiment Essay

    The final oven temperature must be at least 100 degrees celsius. Teams are allowed to purchase additional supplies for their oven, but will had to their cost. The maximum dollar value a team can spend on additional material is $20. However, teams are not permitted to purchase focusing lenses. Also, teams are not allowed to have a parabolic design. The main limitation was producing an oven with a desired “Performance Index” (P.I.) value. This incorporates the cost of all the material used in…

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