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  • Crofton Maryland Case Study

    Crofton Maryland is a serene suburban town with a large population beautifully set up with a lot of green space. There are many little neighborhoods that have their own small playgrounds or parks. There are several shopping areas but the land is mostly dedicated to housing and schools. Crofton is quiet and peaceful most of the time, there is crime but it is generally nonviolent. Crofton is a beautiful and kind community that I am proud to say I grew up in. Part One: Crofton Maryland is a beautiful community with great schools and an increasing rate in population. Crofton is triangular in shape and is separated by three highways; Defense Highway, Davidsonville Road, and Crain Highway (Larossi, 2016). Crofton is about 5.02 square miles (City-data,…

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  • Flood In Maryland

    Response to Question 1 Flood in Maryland Disasters of any kind (natural or man-made, domestic or international) remain great concern for humankind. Disaster comes in different forms such as: floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, storm surges, tornadoes, wildfires or terrorist attacks and so forth. Any forms of disaster serve as threat and can result in loss of lives, property damage and destruction of infrastructure. This was the case in Ellicott City, Maryland where two people were dead, several…

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  • American Civil War Dbq

    Maryland in the mid-nineteenth century had bizarre features that were not existent in the other American states. It had an evident split in politics, economy, and culture. Yet, it managed to evade its conflicted temperament until the talk of secessionism ascended the inhabitants within her terrain. After the attack upon Fort Sumter on September April 12, 1861, the American Civil War became unpreventable. Maryland watched its neighbors convert into Northern and Southern support-zones.…

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  • Howard County Watersheds

    primarily suburban communities located in close to the cities of Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. Why is their pollution in this region? The rivers in this region(what region?), such as the Little Patuxent, Upper Patuxent and Middle Patuxent are considered polluted by the Maryland Department of the Environment. This pollution is attributed to the storm water runoff that primarily comes from suburban areas, and 25% of nitrogen pollution that is found in rivers comes from polluted…

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  • Diversity Reflective Statement

    While studying Anthropology at University of Maryland, College Park, I worked with the Anthropology of the Immigrant Life Course Program. I learned essential skills in qualitative analysis, such as interviewing, case studies, and participant-observation. I transcribed, coded and analyzed interviews that I helped conduct. These efforts contributed to the publication of Contemporary Conversations on Immigration in the United States: The View from Prince George 's County, Maryland by the program’s…

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  • Faulty Policing: The Baltimore Police Department

    with faulty methods of policing that are creating more issues as time goes on. We can look at a few examples of faulty policing by looking at reports from the Department of Justice, as well as other references. One of the main cities in the United States that we can look at is Baltimore, Maryland. This city as we look further into has problems with unjustified searches, seizers and arrest, mainly with African Americans in areas of concentrated disadvantage. Thesis: in this paper I will…

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  • JIA Case Study

    B. The Decision to Reduce the Frequency of the JIA’s Yearly Meetings to One Annual Meeting Will Not Expose the JIA to Any Significantly Liability Risks In Maryland, the JIA was established by means of the Maryland Property Insurance Availability Act, which is found in Md. Code (1957, 2001 repl. vol., 2016 suppl.) § 25-401 et seq. of the Insurance Article (“INS”). Similar to the DCPIF, the JIA is also an unincorporated association. INS § 25-403(a)(2). Contrary to the DCPIF, however, the JIA does…

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  • Essay On Polluted Runoff

    roughly three hundred million pounds of polluting nitrogen reach the Chesapeake Bay (Nitrogen). Nitrogen and phosphorus spikes cause dangerous algae blooms called dead zones. Dead zones are areas that have little to no oxygen that stress or can even kill fish and shellfish. Algae blooms can also trigger spikes in pH levels and produce a state that spurs the increase of parasites. Toxins from the land become suspended in the water, covering the marine habitat. Sunlight will not reach the undersea…

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  • Youth Participation Barriers

    established Youth Advisory Councils. Here are few local jurisdictions with established youth councils: • The District of Columbia Youth Advisory Council, established in 2000, “is a 32-member body of youth from all of the wards of the District of Columbia. It is a diverse group of youth from various social, racial, and economic backgrounds, united to improve the quality of life for DC youth” (District of Columbia, 2016). More specific information on the model used by the District of Columbia…

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  • Social Consequences Of GMO Labeling

    With three GMO labeling bills in the last two years, Maryland is making progress in the ultimate goal to work directly with legislation in DC and Annapolis to show the support for passing GMO labeling laws in this state. GMO free Maryland is a 501c4 grass roots movement in the state of Maryland in which it aims to publish the newest research and educational materials regarding the health risks, environmental impacts and social consequences on GMO food. Helping consumers make better decisions…

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