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  • Cemex: The Globalization Of The Cement Industry

    CEMEX’s Globalization benefits and Cross-border activities adding value to Cement industry CEMEX operates in the ‘not so export friendly’ globally concentrated cement industry, so, global expansion was an obvious choice for cement industry seeking geographic diversification. Globalization offered CEMEX and other Cement manufactures to enjoy various benefits such as i) empire building and growth via stabilized revenues, also benefiting from the arbitrage prices and economies of scale ii) export tariffs reduction and complete reduction in import tariffs in case of localized facilities iii)localization of cement production and distribution facilities closer to point of use changed the ‘global cement industry game’ with lower shipping costs, also…

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  • V-Funnel Test Essay

    the property of fresh concrete to pass through congested reinforcement assemblies or bars. It depends on the aggregate size used. L-box test is performed to find the pass ability of fresh concrete. 4. Segregation resistance: It is property of concrete for proper maintaining constant content of all components in the mix during transportation or placing. There are two types of segregation which may occur: 1. External Seggregation: External segregation occurs during transport or placing…

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  • Specific Gravity Bottle Essay

    of adequate proportion of cement, water and aggregate. Hardening (or) strength of this material is obtained by the chemical action between water and cement. As the time increases the stronger it grows (i.e strength of concrete is directly proportion to its age).The durability, strength, versatility and other characteristics of concrete depends upon the properties and proportion of the gradients in the mix. Strength of concrete is its resistance to rupture on application of load. It is measured…

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  • Shear Strength Experiment Analysis

    Result 4.1 Experimental Analysis The experimental work is carried out to evaluate the shear strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete deep beams without stirrups. For this 18 beams are cast. The beams are tested under two-point loading as per IS after 28 days curing. Fiber fraction is varied as 0%, 1.5% and 3%. The shear span-to-depth ratio (a/d ratio) for beams is kept as 0.60 for case-I and 0.74 for case-II. The cube compressive strength is estimated. The experimental results are…

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  • Visual Observation: Rolling Test Nutrients Quickness Of Drying

    Visual Observation Dry Texture Test Wet Texture/ Rolling Test Smear Test Nutrients Quickness of drying Sand Particles visible with eye. The heaviest. Feels gritty and falls apart Crumbles No smear Few nutrients Dries quickly Does not hold water well Silt Just enough big to see them with a magnifying glass. Not as heavy as sand but heavier than clay Holds together, feels smooth and powdery Holds together, moderate crumbling, cannot be rolled in a strand Some smear More nutrients than sand Takes a…

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  • Essay On Cement Industry In Gujarat

    STEEPLED ANALYSIS OF CEMENT INDUSTRY IN GUJARAT Socio-cultural Factors In the state like Gujarat, where people are richer than the other state. Societies are made up of posh houses, it is believed that people are more concerned about their houses to be perfect and bagged with all the facilities beyond their needs. The more important is the houses over here are mostly spacious than ever. People of Gujarat are known for using the goods that feel premium and why not, after all it is one of the…

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  • Assembly Hall Research Paper

    Construction of the Concrete Roof of the Assembly Hall The University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign Assembly Hall has been the home of the Illini men’s basketball team for over half a century and has been one of the greatest engineering and architectural feats on campus ever since its creation over half a century ago. Beginning on May 25, 1959, construction of the Assembly Hall was carried out by structural engineers Othmar Ammann and Charles Whitney, general contractor Felmley-Dickerson Co.,…

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  • Tile Roofings In The Ancient World

    All over the world, people use different roofing materials for their homes depending on prevailing architectural and cultural traditions, economic means, and practical considerations. For instance, a lot of traditional structures were once roofed with clay, slate, or ceramic tiles. Some indigenous peoples still build houses with thatched roofs. Meanwhile, some modern roofs feature a combination of steel and glass for optimum lighting and to promote an airy, sophisticated feel. Tile roofing is…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Construction Materials

    On the site visit from 7th October there were many materials that were playing an important part in the development of the roadworks, including steel, concrete/cement and many more. Below I have selected three materials from the site visit and identified properties and uses. • Steel There are over 3000 different grades of steel all with unique physical and chemical properties. The production of steel is made in accordance with its application. Due to its high strength Steel is one of the most…

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  • Corruption In Cement Industry

    corruption throughout elected and non-elected officials in government positions and business agreements involving said officials. The government powers and even the local police forces all took place in bribery and secret agendas and agreements, especially in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Men like Peter V. Pappas lead the corruption in the cement industry while others were involved in everything from property tax fraud and taking bribes in government positions. Corruption and fraud rates in areas like…

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