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  • Case Study: Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust

    recommendation on whether or not the selected property is sufficient enough to enter the financial analysis phase. The recommendation will be directed towards Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), a well-developed firm that invests in real estate as their main business activity. This report will include sections such as firm overview, property information, analysis, and recommendation. Additionally, favorable…

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  • Real Estate Development In South Korea

    parallel. However, what some fail to realize about South Korea is their monumental break throughs in real estate development and technology. Just south of one of the most populated cities in the world, lies a new and upcoming development with the name Songdo International Business District (IBD). Hailed as one of the worlds most futuristic cities, Songdo IBD is located just 40 miles southwest of Seoul, South Korea. The new development is scheduled for completion in 2018 and is being build…

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  • Eminence Domain: A Comparative Analysis

    tended to live in cities as they were able to live a short commuting distance to work. If we examine the concentric zone model of the city based on research by Ernest Burgess (1967) in “The Growth of the City,” one can see how the city centers on the central business district (p. 94). According to the concentric zone model of the city, based on Chicago by Ernest Burgess, “This chart represents an ideal construction of the tendencies of any town or city to expand radially from its central…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Chicago

    It was not the first time travelling to Chicago or the second time that my desire to study capital markets struck my interests. The third visit to the city of business expanded my perception on what is viewed as a tedious, dull industry to work in; changing my narrow view into something I aspire to do. It all began along the side of my father as we travelled from city to city, attending business meetings which were held in corporate offices once powering large cities before the crisis of 2008. I…

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  • In Queens Balking At Change

    “In Queens, Balking at Change, Even if It’s Called Improvement.”(NYTimes,Turkewitz) , and “From Exclusionary Covenant to Hyper-Ethnic Diversity” (Geographical Review,Miyares) by Vincent Irizarry Gentrification is an issue that entails complications for those living within a community that is being changed. Gentrification means the process of urban renewal throughout areas within the city. Julie Turkewitz, a reporter who specializes in Latin American studies investigates a proposed Business…

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  • Fire Marshall Essay

    You no longer want to collaborate with the FOA page 8 31 dash 10 we will work collabration with the fire chief and county commissioner doesnt change the audience and doesnt change the membership. The next guy can come in next and say I dont want to work with the FOA and who he wants to work with. Has to define how the collaberation with the district chiefs. The senior staff meetings being manditory how low did we want to go on the officer list. There has to be away of collaberating. The staff…

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  • Stereotypes In The Hunger Games, By Suzanne Collins

    In Suzanne Collins’ exciting novel The Hunger Games, the author depicts the struggle of two tributes from District 12 and their personal development as well as how they survive in the harsh wilderness of the arena. In the beginning of the Hunger Games the story takes place in District 12, which is a part of the nation of Panem. Panem was originally home of 13 Districts but the government took control and destroyed the 13th because the people tried to rebel. As a punishment for what they did…

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  • Public Campaign Finance

    As Stone (1993) notes, the success of elected officials’ policy agendas rests on the capacity to bring together and mobilize resources to govern effectively, which is often related to economic factors. Reform cities’ coalitions, especially in the Southwest, demonstrate that business and commercial mobilization help to promote growth, development, and attract investment. Bridges (1997) comparative study of why city political reforms were successful in the Southwest was due in part to a lack of…

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  • Lssp Interview Report

    meet the demands from the parents as well as the administrators. She stated that she would like to incorporate more counseling into her role. However, I realized that there will be a district for me where I can incorporate counseling into my role because this is a role I would like to follow in the near future. When I asked the LSSP how she decided to become an LSSP, it seemed she was very unaware of the career. In my case, it reassured me that this was a career I wanted to follow because I was…

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  • Importance Of Institutional Barriers To Climate Change In South Africa

    Institutional barriers have been identified when it comes to addressing climate change across a large range of South African studies. Studies have shown that there is a lack of capacity in the amount of people and their expertise in the area, as well as there being high staff turnover rates within government departments, the stance that climate change is an environmental issue instead of a developmental issue, poor communication and coordination between various levels of government departments…

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