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  • Real Estate Development In South Korea

    South Korea it is difficult to change the overall image that the media has painted of the southern half of the peninsula. What first comes to mind, is there ferocious neighbor and enemy just north of the 38th parallel. However, what some fail to realize about South Korea is their monumental break throughs in real estate development and technology. Just south of one of the most populated cities in the world, lies a new and upcoming development with the name Songdo International Business District (IBD). Hailed as one of the worlds most futuristic cities, Songdo IBD is located just 40 miles southwest of Seoul, South Korea. The new development is scheduled for completion in 2018 and is being build on 1500 acres of land, “right along the Incheon waterfront.” Rita Lobo (2014) of World Finance claims the Songdo IBD, “is the largest private real estate development in history with a price tag of $40bn (para. 1).” Many believe the new business district will be one of the most advanced cities in the world. With technology integrated within the city, Songdo has become one of the new tech cities of the world. The synergy between humans and artificial intelligence is one of the key…

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  • Narcotics Trafficking Case Summary

    other teams was in charge of it in the April, 2017. He interviewed the witness of the case and found some evidence, made the document and had the arrest warrant. The team tried to arrest him for 3 months, but he left home after he committed the narcotics trafficking crime. He lived alone Incheon…

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  • Hong Kong International Airport Case Study

    shops in Hong Kong International Airport. RQ3 Identify which facilities can be added in Hong Kong International Airport. RQ4 Evaluate which factor can affect the ranking of Hong Kong International Airport. D. Literature review 1. Competitors Basic on the results of the Skytrax’s “Best World Airport” in recent years, it shows that Changi Airport in Singapore, Incheon International Airport in South Korea, Munich Airport in German and Tokyo International Airport in Japan have been…

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  • Case Analysis Of Full Service Carriers And Low Cost Carrier

    the study was to find out the demand for travel on each type of airlines. Furthermore, the company could decide if it wants to launch a full service carrier and if investing in LCC would reap significant profits or become a liability. Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea was chosen as the base point for both carriers with high travel demand and low number of competitors. 316 business levels and 328 tour levels established favourable conditions for setting up a hub. Spokes…

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  • Urban Migration

    distribution of population and employment. Context of the Subway System in the Seoul Metropolitan Area Seoul is the capital city of South Korea, and well-known as one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Since Seoul’s subway service began in 1974, its network has extensively spread and played an important role in connection between Seoul’s CBD and subcenters across the SMA. Particularly, until the mid-1990s only 4 lines were in service, but several new lines have been added since the…

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  • Case Analysis: Chipotle Vs. Tomatillo

    Market Audit And Competitive Market Analysis 1. The market A. The market in which the product is to be sold Seoul is the capital city of South Korea, and it is the center of all political, economic and cultural activity in South Korea. It also holds most of the largest industries in South Korea. In addition, Seoul is considered as South Korea’s gate crossing to the world because it holds the major transportation networks, such as Kimp'o International Airport that is located in west Seoul, and…

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  • Sewol Ferry Essay

    The Sewol ferry tragedy as according to The New York Times in “Ferry Disaster in South Korea: A Year Later”, refers to the incident regarding the Sewol ferry which left Incheon for Jeju Island with a total of 476 passengers and crew, 325 of which were high school students on a school trip. The incident occurred the next morning on April 16 near Jindo as the ship began to tilt at dangerous angles and multiple distress calls were made. However, coast guards only began to arrive forty minutes…

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  • Lee Hyeonseo: A Brief Analysis

    border with China and often wandered off across the border. At age 17, she escaped North Korea and entered China. After several years of living in China, she received a letter from the sister of a colleague stating that there was mass starvation and everyone was dying. Lee herself claims to have witnessed children starving and dying and no one was helping them. In China, Lee lived as an illegal for many years, but the place was not safe anymore and Lee lived in constant fear of being unmasked…

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  • Sewol Research Paper

    Sewol: Tragedy at Sea On the morning of April 16th, 2014, the Sewol a South Korea Ferry took off from Incheon traveling to Jeju island. On board, over 476 people 325 of whom were students from a school in the capital city of Seoul. As the ship would begin to sink the captain would fail to give on order to evacuate. The captain and several crew members would instead disembark the ship saving themselves as hundreds of people were left to die. Many factors would contribute to the loss of life…

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  • Air Force Recruiter Analysis

    This was my first international flight and it took 16 hours. I landed at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, from there I had a 2 hour bus ride to Osan Air Base where I checked in my dorm room and got settled without incident. In the days after my arrival I met coworkers and got processed into my new unit. I didn’t feel like I was in South Korea until the first timed I went outside the base. It felt like a complete culture shock. I couldn’t read street signs and the language being spoken I…

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