Hong Kong International Airport Case Study

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C. Research questions and objectives

As an international financial center, it is essential for Hong Kong to keep a top ranking in different areas. International airport is an important gateway to world, in addition to attracting businesses around the world, it also promotes tourism and transportation industry as well. Moreover, it drives economic development by providing the jobs and increasing the consumption. In turn, the airport's competitiveness also reflects a regional performance. Therefore, the ranking and quality of the airports not only reflect the government's international trade and investment policies, but also its transport, infrastructure and business environment. By realizing the importance of airport, it helps HKIA to understand
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RQ2 Which kinds of shop in Hong Kong International Airport are the passengers’ favorite? RQ3 Which facilities should be added in Hong Kong International Airport? RQ4 Which factors are critical in affecting the ranking of Hong Kong International …show more content…
Number of passenger and cargo in Munich Airport are increased continually. The modern lobby in airport is bright and clean. Free tea and massage services are available for passengers. A 60-seats cinema and three different types of wineries which show the beer culture in German also installed in the airport. It gives a special experience for the passengers.

Tokyo International Airport, Japan Tokyo International Airport is an air transport center which has been supported the domestic route in Japan. It is a famous “Green airport” in Asia. It uses the sunlight for illumination and the remaining heat was generated by the power generation system is used for indoor heating and hot water supply facilities.

As the “Best World Airport”, these four airports have different advantages. Apart from a better international macro perspective and good services, they also show the local culture to the passengers. Chu (2010) point out that Hong Kong International Airport is facing an intense competition in aviation industry. But Fung (2004) believed that Hong Kong International Airport has a vast aviation network and good services and facilities to keep the best position in the

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