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  • Organized Crime In Chicago

    Chicago Chicago, nicknamed the “Windy City” and “Second City”, is one of the most loved cities in the United States of America and now home to hundreds of thousands of people, making it the 3rd most populated city in the U.S.(“Wikipedia”). Chicago is called the “Windy City” because of the cold gusts of wind that blow from Lake Michigan, it’s called the “Second City” because that’s what it was often called during the battle with New York. Chicago is an adored location because it is a major city for finance, commerce, industry and telecommunications(“Wikipedia”). It is important for us to know about Chicago because so many people live there, we would be affected if something happened to it and because it’s a crucial piece of the United States.…

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  • Carl Sandburg Chicago

    As one of the most prominent poets of the USA, Carl Sandburg revealed numerous significant issues of the US development in the 20th century. In his poem Chicago, Sandburg depicts the American city as vibrant, progressive, and going through transformations. Despite several dark sides of its development, Chicago appears to be a beautiful and attractive city, worthy of glorifying. Strong imagery, unusual structure, divided into short and long stanzas, and metaphorical language make the poem…

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  • Essay On Chicago Fire

    It has been 145 years since the Great Chicago Fire started on October 8, 1871. Chicago had not had rain in three weeks prior to the fire, so it made the city flammable. The city was also made up of wood, everything was wood. Their fire alarm system was bad because they took 40 minutes after the fire started. The fire crossed the river and spread through the city because their rivers were polluted. Chicago had around 30,000 people and still growing, it was one of the fasted growing cities at…

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  • Chicago River Analysis

    Everybody loves the big city of Chicago, and knows that our drinking water comes from Lake Michigan. Well, imagine that water being filled with sewage and chemicals. That's the way that Lake Michigan used to be, and thanks to reversing the river, we will never have that problem again. A closer study of this historical event will illustrate how the workers completed this impossible sounding task, what impact this had on the Chicago people, and how reversing the river may have created more…

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  • Segregation And Racism In Chicago

    On Monday, September 21, the themes that stood out for me was segregation and racism in Chicago. For example, the neighborhoods are segregated in such a way that minorities are kept out from prosperous neighborhoods and have fewer resources available to them. This means that Latino and African American minorities have less wealth and prosperity to excel in school or in the job market. For that reason, this reminds me of my own experience of how my high school was neglected, due to the majority…

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  • Chicago Slums Analysis

    Here, the boys could be children. They could let their imaginations run wild and they could just take a break from the horrible life they have waiting at home. Lafeyette and Pharoah are a part of large family living in the Chicago projects. Their mother, Lajoe, has eight children; the three older ones have slowly fallen off the deep end, but the five younger have a chance to do good. Lajoe takes great pride in her children and does everything she can to raise them to be upstanding citizens and…

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  • Chicago Flood Essay

    Freeman Wachholder Mrs. Scarbrough/Mr. Hunter Social Studies/Language Arts 16 December 2016 The Chicago Flood of 1992 April thirteenth, 1992. Busy, just like any other day in the Loop. But a series of highly unlikely mishaps would cause billions in damage that day. The events can be traced all the way back to 1899, when the Illinois Telephone and Telegraph company had permission to build tunnels for cables from city hall, but instead built seven-foot-wide railroad tunnels. These tunnels were…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Beauty Of Chicago

    The Beauty of Chicago After a difficult week of school or work, ends with an award: the weekend. A maximum of two days to do anything our heart desires. These two days gives us a chance to check off items on our bucket lists. For young teens and adults, the city of Chicago has been a popular area to inhabit. Exploring the city is beneficial because it provides many areas to tour such as parks, zoos, restaurants, beaches, and many more activity-filled areas. Walking around Chicago can still…

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  • Gun Violence In Chicago Essay

    Every week, dozens of lives are taken in the city of Chicago through the use of gun violence. These homicides happen most commonly in the southern neighborhoods of the city, notably areas such as Englewood, Austin, and Humboldt Park just to name a few. It just so happens that the city of Chicago is the city in which it is most difficult to acquire a firearm of any sort with the proper licensing. It is so difficult that we are ranked 1st when it comes to gun control in the United States of…

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  • Chicago School Of Sociology

    The Chicago School of Sociology emerged in the 1920’s and the 1930’s. In this school the first in depth studies of urban sociology commenced. The lead sociologists involved with the University included Robert Park, Ernest Burgess and Louis Wirth. They explored two key themes of sociology; urban ecology and urbanism as a way of life. These concepts greatly enhanced our understanding of cities and urban life. Their studies revolved around urban land-use and its effect on society, resulting in an…

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