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  • Great Chicago Fire: The Great Chicago Fire

    There are many fires around Chicago, but one of the most popular fire is THE CHICAGO FIRE is the biggest fire in Chicago. They say that the fire started at the o'Learys barn but who did it actually . Luis M Cohn was a heavy drinker and gambler. He gambled with the o learys sons. He turned over $35,000 to a school to say that the O'Learys was a fake. The O'learys had a son that was a part of the cause of the fire. To this day scientists don't know what cause the fire but they know that it happen. This essay is all about GREAT CHICAGO FIRE and maybe even more. Now let's go into the great Chicago fire. Many people think that the o'leary's cow did it. Maybe you think that a comment hit or Peg Leg Sullivan did it. No, and I can tell you why!…

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  • Comparing Chicago And Atlanta

    “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”. -Winston Churchill. Choosing between two cities is difficult, especially if were talking about Chicago and Atlanta. Picking were to live has to come down to where I feel most comfortable. There are three sections that are going to help me choose like nature, entertainment and how close they are to other cool states. Choosing where to live for me comes down to nature. Nature plays a big role on where I choose to move to it has…

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  • Short Essay On Chicago

    In this article we will be talking about Chicago. Chicago is the third largest city in the United states. The only cities that are bigger than chicago are Los Angeles and New York City. In perspective Chicago has 237 square miles of land.Chicago has approximately 2,695,598 residents with at least 40 million people visiting it every year. Speaking of people visiting Chicago, it is one of United states greatest attraction. Chicago is home to many famous buildings such as one of the Trump towers,…

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  • Wal-Mart In Chicago

    Wal-Mart tried get approval to build two stores in the Chicago city area. Although Wal-Mart was currently in the Chicago Metropolitan area, it had no foothold in the city of Chicago itself (Baron 2010). However, Wal-Mart had previously experienced labor issues in the past with other states in the U.S. With those labor issues looming, Wal-Mart had a negative stigma when it tried to break into new markets. This was the case in Chicago in 2004 when Wal-Mart…

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  • Organized Crime In Chicago

    Chicago Chicago, nicknamed the “Windy City” and “Second City”, is one of the most loved cities in the United States of America and now home to hundreds of thousands of people, making it the 3rd most populated city in the U.S.(“Wikipedia”). Chicago is called the “Windy City” because of the cold gusts of wind that blow from Lake Michigan, it’s called the “Second City” because that’s what it was often called during the battle with New York. Chicago is an adored location because it is a major city…

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  • Chicago Informative Speech

    Did you ever want to know where Chicago came from? Several people in Chicago do not even know how Chicago came to being. I will be telling you about Chicago’s origin, it’s hard times, and what made it the third largest city in America. I hope you enjoy learning about Chicago as much as I did. It all started in1795 when the Pottawatomie Indians gave a track of land to the newly formed United States. Captain John Whistler was sent by the United States Government to take charge off the new land,…

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  • Chicago River Analysis

    Everybody loves the big city of Chicago, and knows that our drinking water comes from Lake Michigan. Well, imagine that water being filled with sewage and chemicals. That's the way that Lake Michigan used to be, and thanks to reversing the river, we will never have that problem again. A closer study of this historical event will illustrate how the workers completed this impossible sounding task, what impact this had on the Chicago people, and how reversing the river may have created more…

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  • Carl Sandburg Chicago

    As one of the most prominent poets of the USA, Carl Sandburg revealed numerous significant issues of the US development in the 20th century. In his poem Chicago, Sandburg depicts the American city as vibrant, progressive, and going through transformations. Despite several dark sides of its development, Chicago appears to be a beautiful and attractive city, worthy of glorifying. Strong imagery, unusual structure, divided into short and long stanzas, and metaphorical language make the poem…

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  • Segregation And Racism In Chicago

    On Monday, September 21, the themes that stood out for me was segregation and racism in Chicago. For example, the neighborhoods are segregated in such a way that minorities are kept out from prosperous neighborhoods and have fewer resources available to them. This means that Latino and African American minorities have less wealth and prosperity to excel in school or in the job market. For that reason, this reminds me of my own experience of how my high school was neglected, due to the majority…

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  • Essay On Chicago Fire

    It has been 145 years since the Great Chicago Fire started on October 8, 1871. Chicago had not had rain in three weeks prior to the fire, so it made the city flammable. The city was also made up of wood, everything was wood. Their fire alarm system was bad because they took 40 minutes after the fire started. The fire crossed the river and spread through the city because their rivers were polluted. Chicago had around 30,000 people and still growing, it was one of the fasted growing cities at…

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