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  • Why Have Cities Become A Megacity?

    to have over 10 million citizens in its metropolitan area (Bugliarello, 1999). Different reasons can be nominated as causes of cities become a megacity. People coming from rural areas trying to find a better condition of life maybe are the major reason of the population growth in most megacities. However, with a big agglomeration of people and a big city, the government has to not let the problems assume control of the city. Problems such as overpopulation, housing and natural disasters are common in every megacity and solve them are important to achieve a better quality of life and avoid or reduce environmental problems for the citizens. Every year, people move to city centres to achieve successful…

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  • Windy City Sociology

    Chicago, Illinois often referred to as the Second City or the Windy City has recently taken on a much more ominous nickname, Chiraq. The dubious title that entails that a major American city share similar traits to the worn torn country of Iraq comes about from the dramatic and unfortunate rise of gang violence in the city and metro area. Despite success in curbing crime from its peak levels in the early 90’s the decrease is no more, crime has come roaring back in the Windy City, leaving many…

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  • Advantage Of Living In The City

    using examples of famous artists. If students live in a rural area they do not have as many resources. Cities offer the best resources for schools, and therefore they are great places to live. Not only are there educational benefits, one can also find more things to buy in the city. While anyone with internet access can shop, there is nothing like trying things on in a beautiful store in a city. The super malls have hundreds of stores to shop in. The shopping mall is usually applied to enclosed…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Understanding Of The Suburbs

    Typically a great distance away from the city, they must have been widely developed after the creation of better roads and transportation. Although people live in the suburbs, work pulls them back to the city; therefore, it is highly unlikely that people would have favored the suburbs had the constant need to be able to go to and from not been met. I also imagine that houses in the suburbs and transportation costs were not cheap; therefore, they served as an escape for those with more wealth.…

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  • The Importance Of Learning Videos On Children

    First, there was a lack of random participants. It was specifically predominantly white and middle class people from a small city and a large metropolitan area. The lack of diversity can impact the findings because it does not reflect most of the population. Therefore, it makes the results invalid. Another problem is in the article, it stated, “These results are consistent with a body of theory and research that has established that very young children often fail to use information communicated…

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  • Zip Codes: A Case Study

    different zip codes located within the Phoenix metropolitan area. The schools that are hypothesized to have the biggest correlation between alcohol, tobacco, and other substance, delinquency to lower academic achievement and higher juvenile delinquency will come from the Maryvale area. The study will show how Maryvale area schools will have lower academic achievement and higher substance use compared to other schools in other areas within the Phoenix metropolitan area. Schools in other…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Road Driving

    A carpool generally consists of people that know each other and are going to the same area more specifically almost always a place of their employment. One might pay the driver money to pay for gas in order to support half the cost of the commute. It helps the driver save money and will also get the passenger to where they need to be. If one does not have a car, he/she should consider asking co-workers or family about considering a carpool. It could be beneficial for both parties. After all, it…

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  • Case Study Of Jermaine's Psychology Professor

    Jermaine’s Psychology Professor Essay A professor of psychology at a university in a large metropolitan area would be at risk of violating several codes of ethics if he tells his abnormal psychology class that he is a psychotherapist in private practice and that they can come to him for therapy during the duration of the semester. Several problems can occur as a result of the professor’s solicitation of his service as a psychotherapist to his students (5.6, American Psychological Association,…

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  • Analysis Of Country Mouse In A City Cab

    For example, in New York City, Dallas and other major metropolitan areas, you can simply dial "311" to file a grievance. The city of Boston takes its consumer-cabbie relations so seriously, your complaint is actually handled by the police department. Cabs are, in fact, such an important aspect of a city 's reputation and rapport with the rest of the country that most townships go to extremes to keep you satisfied with…

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  • How Do Transportation Investments Affect The Growth Of Transportation?

    Then we can use this to look into alternate modes of transportation. Transportation investments can also shape areas. Investments are usually a political matter. They can have a huge impact of the different neighborhoods, the way areas are laid out, and land values. The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) is of much importance to planners because its purpose was to create improved organization between transportation planning and urban and regional planning. Other than…

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