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  • History Of Metro Manila

    Metro Manila is also known, as Metropolitan Manila is the national capital region of the Philippine. Metro Manila is an area where many tourists visit with their Mall of Asia and other tourist attraction. Metro Manila is the largest urban city in the Philippines with Americanize materials. In the Metro Manila filmed by Sean Ellis, it touched base on a poor man named Oscar Ramirez and his family who struggle to make a living in Banaue Province, Philippines and moved to Manila for a better life for him and his family. Oscar Ramirez was a hard working farmer who tried his best to help his family to survive. Despite being poor, he tried his best to help his family and moved to Manila for a better life for his family. During Oscar’s travel to Manila, him and his family struggled to find a job and a home. During Oscar’s job search, an old man approached and scammed Oscar by offering a home that only offered a family who are qualified by the government. While Oscar struggled with finding a job his wife Mai stayed by his side. Oscar eventually found a job and worked as an armored car service, facing danger daily as him and his partner Douglas Ong transport safety-deposit boxes containing a lot of money and other valuables. However, Oscar realized his job was not what he expected. Oscar’s partner Douglas explained what happened to his deceased partner who was killed during duty. Douglas also explains where he hid the safe-box that was left behind after the incident. Oscar’s boss…

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  • Marketing And Marketing Case Study Of Chixchops

    They advertise their business through the use of Internet by posting photos, prices, location, event and other information about their business, so that people will be attracted to visit their stores and buy their products. 3. Flyers Mang Inasal, Bar – B – King, Chooks to go, Andoks, etc. are the competitors of Chixchops that have advertisement through the use of flyers. Flyers usually distributed in different areas in Rosario Cavite especially where people usually pass by. The business name,…

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  • Subi Monte Cafe Case Study

    It was established by two married hikers named Mr. Shermel Morano and Ms. Melanie Morano. They named it Subi-Monte Café from the local Cavite dialect Chavacano words “Subi” meaning ‘to climb’ and “Monte” meaning ‘Mountain’. Subi-Monte Cafe’s logo is made of the letter S as the trail to the letter M shaped mountain. The couple started their business as Subi-Monte Food Republic at their house in Lopez Jaena St. in Caridad, Cavite City on 2008. On August 2009, they moved their business at P. Burgos…

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  • Subi-Monte Cafe Case Study

    Statement of the Problem The main purpose of this study is to assess the food and service of Subi-Monte Café in Centennial Road, Kawit Cavite. The specific problems that will be answered through the research are the following: 1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents according to: 1.1 gender; 1.2 age; 1.3 civil status; 1.4 employment status 1.5 monthly salary 1.6 place of residence? 2. What is the behavioral profile of the respondents in terms of: 2.1 reason for visit; …

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  • Martial Law: Abuses Of The Marcos Regime

    Malaysian. Jabidah was the name of the first training camp in 1967 in Simunul Island in Sulu. Arula was sent to Trece Martires City, Cavite where he stayed there and hide after the massacre, staying there until he was advised by Cavite Governor Delfin Montano, who lost in the November 1970 elections, to hide in the Visayas because the Marcos administration wanted him dead. Governor Delfin Montano who was the opponent of marcos’ party. Governor Delfin really don’t like marcos and he had the…

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  • Saniya Resort Case Study

    Mr. Remulla just translated “Nia Road” into combined words of in tagalog “ Sa Nia Road Tayo” to “Saniya”, to make the company name more appealing or attractive. As what mentioned above, Saniya Resort started operating on March 18,2015. The company is also a themed resort that offers resort with Character statues, pools with a structure of a Ship, hotel, and restaurant services. The company is located along Nia Road, Salawag, Dasmarinas, Cavite near Daang Hari road connects Muntinlupa, Las…

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  • Loyalty And Customer Loyalty

    But if a restaurant business has ineffective strategy and tactics to keep loyal customers through improvements of their product/ service, price, location, promotions, physical evidence, and people or its marketing program then there must be a small number of loyal customers existing in the business. This study entitled “Factors Affecting Loyalty of Selected Customers of Vemouch, Noveleta Cavite: Basis for Marketing Program Improvements” is being conducted because the researchers want to…

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  • Reflection Paper On Demonstration Teaching

    When was the first time that you felt very nervous? The feeling where you can’t forget that particular thing that will happen and it keeps circling in your head. Your heart that keeps beating for some reasons; do your remember? Final demonstration teaching is likened unto the final examination of college students, thesis and research works of fourth year students in other courses, and it is similar to a practical examination. Final demonstration is the peak of my journey in the student-teaching…

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  • Community Relocation Essay

    Slum Clearance Committee, responsible for the relocation of thousands of families from Tondo and Quezon City to Bulacan in the 1960s. During the Ferdinand Marcos’ regime, programs for the “development of relocation” and ‘on-site development” are supported by the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. Relocation sites also opened in Cavite and Laguna. After the establishment PD 772 of the National Housing Authority, which made squatting a crime, the government formulated the National Shelter…

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  • Pixar: Movie Analysis

    known to break history in the animated movie world for being family friendly, fun and have an important message to share. Pete used his own life experiences as a child and as a parent to create the story of Inside Out. In an interview in the New York Times “Mr. Docter noticed his pre-teenage daughter, Elie, experiencing a similar transition. “She started getting more quiet and reserved, and that, frankly, triggered a lot of my own insecurities and fears,” he said. “And it also made me wonder…

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