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  • Importance Of Emmy Awards

    Spanish Language Television is produced in the states to and reaches almost all US households. Two popular ones are Telemundo and Univision. Directly from our textbook, Univision for their 2013-2014 season about 3 million viewers in prime time each day compared to 1.9 for the CW or 10.6 million for CBS, the top-rated network). Hence the word “prime time”. This means that Spanish Language Television shows are still flourishing off of their in home audiences.This kind of television is reaching a different audience, those who do not speak English, so them watching the new season of Orange is the New Black on their iphones is not something you are going to see. Because they are a minority, in the way that they do not speak our primary language of english, they reside to a traditional way of watching TV. That is not to say that there numbers are in the minority, because in In June 2014, Univision’s rating soared during the World Soccer Cup, sometimes beating ESPN, and had nearly 7 billion viewers for…

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  • The Mindy Project Analysis

    Originally titled, It’s Messy, The Mindy Project is an original program created by and starring Mindy Kaling, commissioned by NBC due to her success as a writer, actor, and executive producer on their hit show The Office, which was reaching the end of its run. The network ultimately passed on the pilot due to the female-lead heavy programming schedule of that particular season, which included, Whitney, The New Normal, Save Me, and Parks & Recreation (Hibberd). Once released the program was…

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  • Presupposition In The Godfather

    A movie entitled The Godfather is chosen as object in this analysis. Don Corleone as one of main character chosen as source data. Regarding utterance from Don Corleone this movie presents a numbered of presupposition in various context. Then relation between presupposition and context obtains a certain meaning of an utterance. As considering, statement from Stalnaker who said that context influences content, while content can creates a context because sometimes word that say has a function not…

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  • Amos And Andy Show Diversity Essay

    The Amos and Andy Show was the first show that portrayed African American characters. The Amos and Andy Show started off as a radio show that was later brought to television by CBS. It was centered around Amos and Andy, who were brothers living in Harlem, NY. It was a comedy that played on racial stereotypes of African American people. The show was created and voiced by two white men Charles Correll and Freeman Gosden. Once they made the shift to television, they casted black actors Alvin…

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  • Television In American Culture

    Television has long been considered as one of the most prominent aspects of American culture. Since its nascency, the business of television has grown to and transformed itself in many ways. One aspect that has always stayed the same however, is the stronghold of network television. As the industry continues to develop in a myriad of ways, specifically when it comes to technology, the main networks remain dominant in the ratings. ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, consistently lead in primetime ratings…

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  • Follow The Media Analysis

    participation as fundamental elements of good governance and human-rights based development”. In addition, they said to all countries and people involved: “respect the function of the news media as an essential factor in good governance, vital to increasing both transparency and accountability in decision-making processes and to communicating the principles of good governance to society”. As they are saying, the media, also known as the press, has a huge influence…

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  • Starbucks Observation Report

    The purpose of this observation today at Starbucks at the slow period of 2PM is to determine how much crucial time between morning rush and evening rush is wasted by employees just standing around and conversing. We will impose the saying “if you lean, you can clean”. This will further determine if the request by upper management to seek out training is in fact necessary. I will be observing the cashier and the barista. The cashier’s name is Amy and the Barista’s name is Tanner. I am observing…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Responses To Opposing Pros

    developing advanced materials and technology that will prevent head injuries. Riddell, the largest helmet manufacturer and the official helmet provider for the NFL, is introducing its newest helmet, the SpeedFlex. The new attribute of a cantilever allows the helmet to remain flex while maintaining an overall stiffness. It also uses a ratcheting system that locks the helmet into place and a facemask that assists in shifting the force away from the head. The SpeedFlex was tested in several…

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  • 2008 Financial Crisis Report

    With thousands and thousands of newspapers and magazines being printed and sent all over the world each day, there were so many stories about the crisis implemented in all parts of the papers. The most covered topic, specifically, was the banking industry and the government bailout which accounted for about 15% of the news hole. Other topics that took over the news included the Obama Administration’s stimulus package (14%), the U.S. automobile industry’s financial troubles and plant closures…

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  • Monday Night Football Popularity

    Super Bowl 50 had the third largest audience of any television broadcast in the history of television, with only Super Bowl 49 and Super Bowl 48 having larger audiences. But how did the NFL grow to become this popular? There appear to be many factors in the constant growth of the popularity, power and profits of the NFL since the 1970s. Some of these factors include Monday Night Football, new technologies providing new ways to draw fans and the NFL’s monopoly on professional football. The…

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