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  • Essay On Lucille

    In the early 1930s Lucille moved to Hollywood to seek more acting opportunities, and soon started receiving extra roles in commercials and popular films. In 1940 while filming one of her movies titled Dance, Girl, Dance, she was introduced to the popular Cuban Bandleader named Desi Arnaz, and the two soon fell in love and married (Higham, 1986). Lucille Ball was a determined and hardworking woman, who was strong willed and never let anything stop her from fulfilling her dreams. Despite the many trials and tribulations she experienced in her career, she never detoured from making her dreams of becoming an actress a reality. In 1950, Lucille was offered a starring role in a television sitcom by CBS that would focus on the everyday life of a happily married couple (Gavin, Clamar, Siderits,…

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  • Lucille Ball's Impact On The Entertainment Industry

    It had a “groundbreaking success in the history of sitcoms”. (http:/ /,0 0.html) and is said to have more views than any other show. It had gained a positive viewer’s response once the show started and it never lost it. The show dominated the weekly TV ratings and maintained at #1 in the Nielsen rating and never dropped below #3 the entire six seasons. The show has had over 32 years of reruns and has been viewed in over ten million homes. I Love…

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  • I Love Lucy Research Paper

    No the author was not born during the fifties but she understands how the show impacted America and the roles that women had. While mentioning the plot and what is important about the sitcom it gives in detail how the couple, Lucille Ball and Ricky Arnaz, impacted the country with their interracial marriage. It holds an importance when talking about the norms of the fifties. Morgan, Chris. "How I Love Lucy and Desilu Productions Defined the Modern Sitcom." N.p., n.d. Web. 06…

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  • The Fault In Our Stars

    “He sees people with curiosity, compassion, grace, and excitement; hears the voices of teenagers…” These are the words of Shailene Woodley, a well known actress who starred in many movies, including “The Fault In Our Stars”, a movie based on John Green’s number one New York Best seller’s book, The Fault In our Stars. John Green was born on August 24, 1977 and is still alive today at age 39. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the son of Mike and Sydney Green. Soon after he was born,…

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  • Analysis Of I Love Lucy

    But three factors helped win over the love and support of their devoted audience. Firstly, Desi was presented to the American people as Bicultural, not Biracial, a distinction that made this marriage more accepted by the general public and their marriage a less taboo topic in regards to violation of miscegenation. Because of this division, it enabled him to be promoted as a white foreigner rather than what could be perceived as a radicalized American, which would discourage the acceptance of the…

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  • I Love Lucille Ball

    comedic depictions of an everyday housewife and her hardworking musician husband” (Arthurs, 1). The show depicted the societal roles of men and women, showing Lucy’s subservience to her husband Ricky, which fit into society’s idea of a woman in her proper place. However, the show also challenged the roles of men and women set by their predecessors. Lucille Ball’s character appealed to many women of the time period who yearned for something more than being a housewife. The news article goes on to…

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  • Lucille Ball's Influence On The Acting Industry

    things that she wanted. Her company produced “I love Lucy and many other series that allowed her to perform more of her original ideas. “Ball not only starred in “I Love Lucy” but co-owned its production company, Desilu, with her husband Desi Arnaz.” Ball showed that women are capable to lead major companies. Buying this company made her the only women to run a major production company in this century. She then sold Desilu to make her own company, Lucille Ball Productions. This displayed the…

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  • Sexual Behavior

    television will be discussed with an emphasis on how it affects the teenage population of our society. Media plays a large role, in the way in which individuals view society norms. This is because of the rise in the role technology plays within our everyday lives. Teens as well as pre-teens spend a large portion of their free time viewing some sort of media whether it be a movie on a Disney network to a video on U-Tube. The images that are being showcased are explicit in nature and contains…

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  • Impact Of Television In The 1950s

    Hartmann was the first woman to have TV in her block. She observed people come to her house every Monday night to watch I Love Lucy. (Hartmann) Sometimes, there was only one house in the block where a family could afford TV, and people would come to that house to watch TVs together. People used their free time differently than the time during which they only had radios to listen. (I Love Lucy-TV (1951) -Ball, Lucille;Arnaz, Desi) Indeed, Mrs. Hartmann admitted that I love Lucy was definitely…

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  • George Lopez Essay

    host of a morning show for Clear Channel Communications in Los Angeles. He was the first Latino to headline a major radio slot on an English-language station which was the nation’s top radio marker. In 2001, Lopez stared in the film Bread and Roses, which he was nominated for the ALMA Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. Like I stated before, George Lopez starred in a television series, George Lopez. Actress, Sandra Bullock approached Lopez to star in a comedy. Bullock…

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