Lucille Ball's Impact On The Entertainment Industry

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Lucille Ball was an actress, a TV legacy, and a Broadway star. She challenged the norms and delighted people with her humorous acting. This didn’t all start off so easy for her. In reality she went through so many hardships, but persevered through so that she could achieve her dream of becoming a famous actress. The entertainment industry was greatly impacted by the pioneer Lucille Ball through her achievements with her career, her famous show I Love Lucy, and her billion dollar Empire.
It was hard for “The Queen of Comedy”, ( /020120220, 00.html) Lucille Ball, to get to the success that I Love Lucy gave her. She had dreamed of becoming a famous actress since the age of 12. She attended the John Murray Anderson/ Robert Milton School of Theater and Dance to help her achieve that goal. She was a shy student and was always being overshadowed. Thus, the proprietor of the school didn’t believe she would make it in the show business and even contacted Lucille’s family to tell them that they were wasting money sending her to
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It had a “groundbreaking success in the history of sitcoms”. (http:/ /,0 0.html) and is said to have more views than any other show. It had gained a positive viewer’s response once the show started and it never lost it. The show dominated the weekly TV ratings and maintained at #1 in the Nielsen rating and never dropped below #3 the entire six seasons. The show has had over 32 years of reruns and has been viewed in over ten million homes. I Love Lucy earned Lucille over 20 awards as well as 5 Emmys. ( Thus, Desi and Lucille became part of the Hollywood Elite and were considered to be some of the most beloved stars in the United States. (,0

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