Leadership Styles In The Modern World

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The main leadership styles in the modern world include charismatic, transformational, servant and ethical leadership styles. Leaders entice their followers’ commitment to accomplish difficult missions mandated by a dynamic and challenging environment marked by radical changes. Different leaders have their own strong leadership styles which they rely on to deliver to their followers. As the saying goes, everybody is born different and think different, so it does apply in leadership.
Charismatic leadership is guiding by dint of personality and charm (Coggins, 2009). Charismatic leaders do not rely on any external power or authority to lead their team or follower. A leader who is charismatic seeks to fulfill organizational goals by instilling
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It is one of the most popular leadership styles in this fast changing world (Judge, 2004). It is the kind of leadership which focuses on affecting revolutionary change in organizations through a commitment to the institution vision. Transformation leaders aim to sell organization’s defined vision which is usually radical. This leadership style tries to articulate the vision and best methods to achieve results in an appealing manner. A transformational leader aims at achieving a high level of integrity so as to gain trust and the same time inspire the members. Oprah Winfrey is an epitome of modern transformational leadership representing a minority (Hsu, 2005). She demonstrates passion and energy at her activity, and she has injected the same to her followers.
Oprah Winfrey has been transforming the lives of people around the world. Changing the lives of people is the ultimate objective of any transformational leader. She has provided a sense of vision and mission through communication. Her intelligence for the solving problem and her commitment to providing personal attentional and coaching to her followers is a clear definition of a transformational
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Ethical leadership gives a mandate to the leader to set example to those she or he is leading. The followers look up to their leader. So an ethical leader must know his own values as well as the organization’s values and abide them. Kenneth Chenault is one of the best examples of a leader who demonstrates ethical leadership. He testifies that his achievement has been gained through being himself. Rising to the top of the corporate ladder at American Express, he articulates one statement “focus on the things that you can control, and the only thing that you can control is your performance.” His work ethic is what helped him to transform American Express from the center of collapsing when he took over in the year 2001 (Chester,

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