What Is A Democratic Leadership Style Essay

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Register to read the introduction… This type of leadership style encourages creativity, and the team members are often engaged in the projects and decision. There are many benefits to having a democratic leadership style. Team members tend to have high job satisfaction and are productive because they're more involved in decisions. Team members are often motivated from this type of leadership style. The downside of democratic leadership is that it can often hinder situations where speed or efficiency is essential. One’s leadership style can be developed through education or by work performance. A leader can develop their leadership
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I also have a charismatic leadership style because I like to inspire others to do better and to move forward in life. When leading a team, I do not want to be an autocratic leader where an individual is afraid to voice their opinion or think that their voice is not heard. I like to have a team that each individual likes to show up to work and have a little to no absenteeism on the team. This will allow me to see that I am doing the right thing in leading my team and that I have the ability to encourage my team to voice their opinions and encourage them to move forward. In conclusion, an individual can gain many different leadership styles. Gaining the wrong leadership style can make or break your team and your company. One can have a leadership that will benefit your company and one can have a leadership style that will harm you company. If an individual has gain a poor leadership style they can seek courses to modify their leadership style and have a chance to perform great leadership styles. They are good leadership styles and there are bad leadership styles. If an individual has the proper training or education, one can be a perfect leader to their

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