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  • Dance, Social Media And Dance Analysis

    I love dance, social media, Taylor Swift, history, and learning new things. I started dance when I was about two years old. I continued doing ballet and tap until I was about ten because I didn't find it fun anymore. However, about two years ago, I watched a show on TV called Dance Academy. It was a fiction show about this ballet school in Sydney, Australia. This was what got me so interested in ballet. Since I was attending a private school, I didn't have the time or the money to start taking ballet again. I didn't let that stop me from dancing. I would turn on some music and would create little dances to my favorite songs in my room. When I switched schools junior year, my parents decided that I could start taking ballet again and last march I enrolled in a teen ballet class. It was tough at first because I was the oldest, yet I had the least experience. I pushed through it and tried my hardest to keep up with everyone. That class was tough, but it made me a better dancer. Summer classes came and I took teen ballet, but this time it was different because we started from the basics, so I didn't feel as behind. It really helped me focus on my technique. Once summer classes finished,…

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  • Intergenerational Dance

    The Intergenerational Dance was for the communitiy and everything was completly free. The social work student council was the group that put on the dance. There was about 150 people who showed up, majority of the guest were dressed up in their halloween costume. At the begginning of the dance there was food, pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw and lots of desserts. After food was served they had multiple activities for the kids mostly; they had mummy rap, a cake walk, hoola hoop, and a costume…

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  • Dance Concert Essay: The Boxer Dance Review

    Stevie Eller Dance Theatre at the University of Arizona, I went to see the dance performance Here & Now. As I was buying my ticket, I did not really know what to expect from this concert. To be honest, I did not know really anything about this show that I had just paid to see. Originally, I thought that this show would just be a requirement for me to pass this class. However, after seeing this show, it became much more to me than just a grade. The dancers were astounding and the songs were so…

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  • A Career In Dance

    of career in Dance? Tens of thousands of children across the United States pursue their passion of dance, some for recreation, while other dancers desire to make a career out of their passion. What types of career opportunities exist for the child that wants to dance professionally? What type of training/education is necessary for a dancer to pursue this type of career? What type of pay/income can one expect as a professional dancer? Below you will find answers to some of these questions and…

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  • Dance Evaluation

    performance of my take on the Elements of Dance theme was satisfactory. Given my condition on the day, I am pleased with my focus during the dance and my overall performance. Three aspects that went really well, in my opinion, would be the intense energy that my partner and I brought onstage, our synchronization while performing, and the evident presentation of the light versus dark theme. Mary and I work well together, but I believe that during the performance, we were able to be immersed in…

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  • Dance Analysis

    performer. During my grade 12 year of dance I have learned many new skills in both hip hop and ballet that I was able to apply in my final performance. For example, during the dance show we applied slow movements to the hip hop dance. I applied this to my final performance because it taught me that even if my movements are slow and look very graceful that they can still have more energy. This allows me to project the emotion better to the class and in turn help me tell the story of the dance…

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  • Salsa Dance

    brought Contra-Danze, the country dance of France and England, with them. Later known as danzon, it mixed with rhumbas of African origin. After yet another global spread of this dance, different places and countries all over the world gradually tinkered and changed the style to their liking, but kept the partner dance and tempo the same. The dance later received the name “salsa” in New York, given that it was a mixture, like the sauce “salsa”, of different styles of dance and music. Thus, salsa…

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  • Dance Autobiography

    As a young girl, I had a passion for dance. Whether I was at school, in the grocery store or at the airport, I was constantly dancing. At two-years old, I was enrolled in my first dance class and by the age of six, I was competing in my first dance competition. Many people think of dancing as spinning around a stage, wearing pink ballet shoes, but it’s nothing like that. For me, dance is seven hour rehearsals, calluses on my feet, sore muscles and a closet full of costumes. Most importantly,…

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  • Observation Of Dance

    For my dance report, I saw the Fall Dance at Adelphi University on December 4, 2016. It was called “Aszure Barton.” The two pieces that really stood out to me were “Tarantella” and “Consumed.” They both displayed great amounts of emotion through their choreography, backdrop, costumes, colors, music, and lighting. “Tarantella” and ‘Consumed” gave off opposite moods because of their specific components. “Tarantella” from August Bournonville’s Napoli was a very lively and cheerful dance. It can be…

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  • Metonymy In Dance

    When one watches a dancer leap or glide across a stage, the observer’s thoughts may not immediately be directed towards the metaphoric implications of each movement, but these metaphoric processes operate as a fundamental characteristic of dance. Physical gestures are an innate characteristic of the way people communicate with each other as they “…can reveal aspects of meaning that are not, or even cannot, be present in words alone” (Kövecses 72). Dance, at its simplest definition, is but an…

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