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  • Dance Concert Essay: The Boxer Dance Review

    Stevie Eller Dance Theatre at the University of Arizona, I went to see the dance performance Here & Now. As I was buying my ticket, I did not really know what to expect from this concert. To be honest, I did not know really anything about this show that I had just paid to see. Originally, I thought that this show would just be a requirement for me to pass this class. However, after seeing this show, it became much more to me than just a grade. The dancers were astounding and the songs were so catchy that I never wanted the show to end. This show was definitely worth my time and money, and I will tell you why. The show started off amazing with the dance The Boxer, and after that it just kept getting better. One of the performances that I really enjoyed was the performance called Bell & String. This dance took place in the first half of the show and was executed by two performers, Micah Chermak and Jadyn Reddy. Jadyn Reddy was an amazing performer. She was so flawless with the way she moved her body and really stood out in every performance that she partook in. The dance composed of the two dancers being dressed with only half of their clothes. From the beginning of the performance, one could see the two dancers shared such a passion from the beginning to the end. Throughout the song, Tissue…

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  • A Career In Dance

    of career in Dance? Tens of thousands of children across the United States pursue their passion of dance, some for recreation, while other dancers desire to make a career out of their passion. What types of career opportunities exist for the child that wants to dance professionally? What type of training/education is necessary for a dancer to pursue this type of career? What type of pay/income can one expect as a professional dancer? Below you will find answers to some of these questions and…

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  • Dance And Hip-Hop Dance

    through dancing. I don’t dance just because I can express myself, but I dance because it brings back memories. Memories that are very special to me because my aunt was the reason I started to dance. I remember her teaching me how to warm up my body before dancing, so I won’t hurt myself. My aunt also taught me how to become a choreographer and how to handle my dance team. Dancing is very special to me because it reminds me of my aunt. She made me realized that I can voice out my feelings without…

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  • Metonymy In Dance

    When one watches a dancer leap or glide across a stage, the observer’s thoughts may not immediately be directed towards the metaphoric implications of each movement, but these metaphoric processes operate as a fundamental characteristic of dance. Physical gestures are an innate characteristic of the way people communicate with each other as they “…can reveal aspects of meaning that are not, or even cannot, be present in words alone” (Kövecses 72). Dance, at its simplest definition, is but an…

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  • Ageism In Dance

    Participants were selected based off of their perceived involvement in the dance community, and whether they could currently identify as being a dancer. Once the three participants were selected, they were notified in-person that they would receive 5 interview questions via email. Using the particular method of email, both the participants and myself were able to communicate asynchronously, making the process of gathering information much more convenient. After the email was sent and received,…

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  • Dance Company Fall Dance Concert Report

    On Thursday, December 3rd, 2015, I saw a few performances of the Dance Company Fall Dance Concert presented by the Theater, Dance, and Film department of Franklin and Marshall College. The concert incorporated the works of Talia Beck, Merce Cunningham, Elba Hevia Y Vaca, Belinda Mcguire, Janet Peck, and Pamela Vail. The Concert took place at the Schnader Theater in Roschel Performing Arts Center at 7: 30 P.M. Of the performances I had the opportunity to watch, the one that most intrigued me was…

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  • Giordano: Jazz Dance

    choreography in Jazz dance. He was born on July 10, 1923 in St. Louis, Missouri. Giordano was introduced to Jazz dance when he was 5 while on a trip to New Orleans to visit family. His cousin had taught him the Charleston dance step and he was hooked. When he returned home he soon began to study dance with a local dance teacher. Minette Buchman is whom Giordano credits his early training to. Giordano took ballet and theater dance classes as well as vocal lessons and other classes taught by guest…

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  • Dance Theatre And Religion

    Dance, Theatre and Religion: A Balinese Case Study Southeast Asia is a highly diverse region, home to myriad ethnicities, religions, practices, beliefs, values, languages, cultures and traditions. The variety of performance art, dance and theatre found in Southeast Asia “is almost staggering” (Brandon, 1967, p. 1). Some examples of performance art, dance and theatre found in Southeast Asia include “shadow plays in Java, dramatic folk rituals in Bali, masked pantomime in Thailand, spirit…

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  • Lord Of The Dance Analysis

    Dancing is a very unique way of communication. It’s an expression of self and/ or story, appealing and entertaining to the audience with smooth, graceful moves. Watching Lord of the Dance you can see many different and similar interactions with dance; which incorporates Yoruba Nigerian Christine’s and traditional dance. As well as Indian religious traditions that is forms of worship. Upon reviewing these two cultures and how they incorporate family, dance, and movement. You can also see the…

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  • Fall Dance Performance

    On November 15, 2015, the University of Southern Mississippi hosted the Repertory Dance Company Fall Dance Concert. This was primarily a showcase for dance majors and students that displayed phenomenal dance skills. Held at the Mannoni Performing Arts Center at the university’s campus, the performances highlighted various blossoming dancers with a wide range of unique dance styles. This was a superb opportunity to gain a different conception of dance, which for an experienced Jazz and Hip-Hop…

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