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  • Essay On Becoming A Better Writer

    writing areas I struggle with the most are sentence fluency, grammatical errors, and word choice. To make my writing better I will continue revise and edit my papers. Grammar is something that you need to repeatedly practice and I believe that should help with fixing grammatical errors. To…

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  • How To Make A Better Day Essay

    No one in this earth is perfect but there is always room for improvement. There are millions of new things to be learned and we can find always a new and fresh ideas that is generated from human mind every day. Regardless of how good and precious our life is now but we can still make it better or more precious for tomorrow. No matter what love, joy and fulfillment we have now but there is alway a way and room from improvement and to make it better or more charming for tomorrow. Yesterday is…

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  • Reflection Essay: Better Writing Skills

    During my first semester of college I have learned a lot of information. Though, one of the most important things I learned was better writing techniques. From the first assignment to now, there has been a lot of improvement in my writing skills. These skills will help me in the future, not just in other writing courses but in all of my courses. Some of the specific things I have become stronger in include: argumentative writing, being more detailed, citing sources correctly, and using a more…

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  • Reflective Essay: Are We Doing Better?

    Throughout the whole semester I had hit many walls that have kept me from doing better but, I have improved in many of my writings whether it 's small errors or large. I am beginning to demonstrate competence in the SLOs which are, research and reading, essay composition, and polish and formatting. I chose two specific essays which I didn 't do as well as I should have but, has shown a lot of improvement. In these two essays i have shown improvement in organization, grammatical/mechanical…

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  • I Am Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself Analysis

    Personally, I believe that I am becoming a better version of myself. In addition, I can not promise to be the best version of myself since I do not even know what is the best version of me. However, I do learn everyday and hopefully I can learn to improve from my experience and become better. Furthermore, I know that I have become a better version of myself is when I can look by at my actions and what I have done to be proud. Nonetheless, the actions that I take should demonstrate improvements…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Handwriting And Typing

    Handwriting and typing are going to be used throughout someone’s life in school, at home, and many other places as well, but which is better for the comprehension and understanding of the notes he or she takes? Well, Typing is more efficient to take notes since it is faster to do and takes a smaller amount of time to write more information. However, studies have proven that most of the time handwriting gives people a better understanding of the material in which they are writing about. Typing is…

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  • Immigration Reform

    coming to the US to obtain a better lifestyle , and racial profiling. It does not make sense because Americans are referred as “ the people “ well are immigrants not people too ?? Working in the US legally not only for students but for parents should be legal. As much as others workers whom are working legally work hard from sunrise to sun down have earned the privilege to be legal workers. This helps families improve their financial economy, and they will not have to worry about earning…

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  • Walmart Affirmative Action

    Solutions First, Walmart needs to treat its employees better. As previously mentioned, those employed by Walmart are costing the American people, not just its workers; taxpayers subsidize Walmart’s bad employment policies with $2.6 billion each year, and it’s time to change that (Strachan). Walmart could start by utilizing a very simple strategy brought to the managerial in 1932 by the Hawthorne study. In this study, employees who manufactured lightbulbs at Western Electric in Chicago were…

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  • Post Class Reflection Essay

    Post Course Reflection During this course, I learned how to write in more formal format and learned to write in APA format, since I have been writing in MLA format since my middle school. I learned how to use citations more efficient and use them more carefully to prove my opinion and make the audience relate and like what they are reading. Another thing, I am really glad that I learned was how to write my paper toward a specific audience, not just to everyone in general. Also, I learned how to…

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  • Reflection On English 1000-02: Introduction To Academic Writing

    believe that I have improve in my skills as both a reader and a writer. To begin with, one aspect of writing that I have improved in is the organization of a paper. In high school, I would have worksheets that would help me develop my organization on my paper, and it was developed into five paragraphs with one paragraph as the introduction, three paragraphs for the body, and one paragraph for the conclusion. In college, it is more on your own, and it is actually better not to think of the five…

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