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  • Non-Alignment Policy And Its Impact On India's Foreign Policy

    States; however, the Indian constitution provides a parliamentary form of government. The legislative and executive branches are composed together in a Parliament called a Sansad. Furthermore, the Sansad consists of two houses that include the Council of States as the upper house and People’s Assembly as the lower house. The Congress Party, Bharatiya Janata Party , and the United Front that makes up the main political parties found in India. India’s foreign policy was conducted under the influence Jawaharlal Nehru and he was the first prime minister of the independent India. The outline of the policy was mostly impacted by international development after World War II. During this time period, the goal was to push democracy forward and weakened the idea of imperialism. A key policy in India was the Non- Alignment Policy which was an independent policy that helped control the strength of India. As a result, the policy was subjected to remove India in any different controversy that may lead to conflict or even a war. The main goal of the Non-Alignment policy was to uphold World Peace. The policy key principles included: equality…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Demonetization In India

    ostensible support, there isn’t an ounce of doubt that the country has been put through a great deal of pain. While it should come as no surprise to anyone that many opposition parties have tried to gain some political capital out of this entire issue, the Congress’s complete and utter inability to effectively accomplish this elementary task…

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  • Hindu Nationalism In India

    Hindu nationalism is a political ideology which refers to Hindu religious values. The Sangh Parivar, or “family of organizations,” is a group of Hindu nationalists, which emerged from bitter confrontations with European colonists, who sought to establish their own national identity in India. In the 1920s, the Hindu nationalist movement gained support amongst Hindus who felt oppressed by the British colonists and desired a return to India’s pure roots. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), or the…

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  • India's Caste System Essay

    Which is why their economic progress is restricted. The castes still rarely outside of their own class and are definitely not changeable. In India, people of all castes meet socially or for business. And discriminating against anyone because of their caste for memberships or things of that sort is against the law. Foreigners are not expected to behave differently toward any caste. The Bharatiya Janata Party is an Indian political party that advocates Hindu nationalism. The BJP draws its Hindu…

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  • Analysis Of World Before Woman

    With the recent election of Narendra Modi, the country has seen one of the biggest political uproars in its history, overthrowing the long established Congress. The BJP took 31% of India’s votes in comparison to Congress’s 19%. Modi and the BJP party won on the principles of keeping established traditions, while also revamping the country’s industry and cleaning the sacred and filthy Ganges River. He was popularly elected on the premise of promoting industry and getting urban city-dwellers to…

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  • India's Global Threats: The Republic Of India

    The similarity is that the Parliament contains two houses: House of the People and the Council of the States. This two party system may seem to be a frugal part of the political diversity. Meanwhile, it also allows increased corruption among leaders. Corruption in an already unstable economy only tends to bring more distrust in the populace. When distrust occurs, the people have tendencies to rebel against the government which constitutes a more unstable political structure. Communal uprisings…

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  • War Crime Tribunal

    Afghanistan Supreme court is what deals with the issues of foreign ration and topics of treason. I, as a representative and citizen of Afghanistan, would not like a political party to take charge of a court disunion and implement a similar tribunal to deal with any one who went agency us in our 1996-2001 civil war. My country believes that the United Nations should step in and take over the responsibility for the since they deal with…

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  • Indira Nehru: A Controversial Prime Minister Of India

    controversial prime ministers of India who led from 1966 to 1980. Gandhi came to power after the death of her father and India’s leader of the Indian National Congress at the time, Jawaharlal Nehru. She started Indian feminism and increased the potential power of women in the world, but she committed many crimes that prove that she was a bad leader for India. She did everything she could to keep herself in power even though she was harming India and taking away rights. Narendra Modi was elected…

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  • Module 5: Critical Thinking Analysis

    political parties in India. The parties are the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), the Congress (Indian National Congress Party), and the AAR (Aam Aadmi Party). The interviewees include a former Chief Election Commissioner, a journalist and political commentator, and three former and current politicians. The host asks each of the guests how they feel about the current election going on at the time of the interview which was conducted at the beginning of this year. Political Parties The new…

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  • Poverty In Kerala Case Study

    Politically, the state is led by two major political parties, the Indian National Congress and the Left Democratic Front, known as the United Democratic Front (UDF). Together with “powerful labour unions and grass roots political activism” effective public policy has been implemented, with specific focus on redistribution without caste bias (Nair, 2007). Socially, following an intense period transitioning towards democracy, the state of Kerala has experienced social struggles in regards to caste…

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