Reflective Essay On English 111

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Course Reflection The eight weeks over which English 111 lasted were weeks of learning and enlightenment. The class was beneficial and taught many points of advanced English and explained each concept and format thoroughly. English 111 has helped better myself and other students for upcoming college classes because it takes clear and in-depth looks at the formats and sciences behind English and paper writing. The course has personally helped me gain a better understanding of the mechanics of writing and allowed me to grasp a better writing skill than when I had initially started. The class itself holds many benefits and has greatly changed the ways that I look at English now, enabling me to better succeed in the future. When approaching …show more content…
The class is specialized around communication and the English language writing skills. Knowing how to proper format MLA and APA, write, and cite/research are invaluable skills sought after in the workplace and will make you a far more effective worker by knowing those communication and writing skills. The knowledge of these skills will make you more appealing to potential employers and will help extend any employment you may acquire by opening up more job opportunities. There was an abundance of assignments through the course of English 111, all of which will help and be useful to ones own writing, but the most helpful assignment would be the Exploring Ideas assignments. It is these assignments that encourage us to think and write out our ideas better and help better set what we want to write. It enabled us to get a concrete and set plan of writing so we had something to go off, like an outline that adds detail about the topic. The assignment allowed us to take critique from the teacher on how we can improve the writing and make it a stronger or better written piece of literature. In the end, this English class, while hard for me, was very helpful and taught me a great deal about writing and English procedures that I had not previously known. While I still have plenty to learn, I will begin my next classes with a much better

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