English 106 Reflection

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English 106 was the first real college class that I ever stepped foot in, and because of that, I was extremely nervous and unsure. The English teachers at my high school always said that the papers they assigned were held to college standards, and I always did well on those assignments, but I was still unsure about this course. I expected this course to be loaded with reading and writing assignments that would make me pull all-nighters on a regular basis. After going through English 106, I realized that there were not too many assignments and that I learned a lot from each one. To me, the most salient parts of this course were the discourse community paper, the annotated bibliography, the art analysis, peer reviews, revisions, and reflections. One of the first …show more content…
In high school, my teachers never had me write reflections on any of my work; therefore, I thought it was quite odd that I had to do it for this course. At the start of the semester, I did not see the point in writing reflections and really did not put much effort into them. I started to see the value in writing reflections as the semester progressed. I started to see that reflecting on my work benefits the reader and myself. Reflections allow the reader to see my thoughts on my process and writing; furthermore, reflections allow me to think about problems I encountered and how I worked past them and show my progression as a writer. Writing reflections also made me discuss new things that I had learned to improve my writing. Reflecting on struggles I had as well as ways I improved made these things salient, which was helpful when I would go on to write the next paper. For example, when there was something I knew I struggled with in my last paper, I would always be sure to pay extra attention to it in my next paper. Reflections helped made it so that I was conscious about my problem-areas when writing all of my papers, not just one or

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