English 111 Reflection Paper

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English 111 at Rockingham Community College has been one of the biggest challenges. I’ve learned how to write really detailed paragraphs, excellent outlines, research writing and rhetorical analysis papers. However, I am still challenged with writing argumentative research papers, procrastination, rereading my papers and expressing myself and my writing with a professor who is so accomplished.
While I had excellent attendance and was very focused in class, I struggled with some of the conceptual learning ideas. I did utilize the Trio Center, the Writing Center, and my professor to the best of my ability. Perhaps the greatest thing I learned was how important and valuable communicating with your professor is. This is the area I plan on improving
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During that time I used many sources and books to help with my research. I was able to narrow down the research material. I also successfully put all the information I found into a …show more content…
I really enjoyed the research component and was even able to add my own personal experiences with the essay. I found researching for essay writing was fun. With regard to writing for research, I found some difficulty but quickly utilized several tools which aided my outcome. I leaned to color code the research which became a grouping mechanism, thus making the writing easier and more enjoyable. This is one tool which I will take with me next year.
One successful article I wrote title The American Dream: Dead or Alive, began with a strong outline. I then followed this up with extensive research utilizing an article and a textbook. This was the basis for my paper which was highly graded. One resource I used is called A Research Guide for Students. It taught me eight steps on how to better organize my research. These steps range from choosing a topic to writing my first draft and then my final paper. Whenever I click on a step it shows me what I need to do and also gives me examples. One of its greatest features was the example of an

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