English 101 Final Reflection

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Throughout the entirety of this English 101 course, I have seen my skills as a writer grow. In the beginning of the school year, my writing fell short of my expectations, but as I continued to work and learn the principles of writing, I have written papers that I am proud to say are mine. Among the aspects of my writing I have improved, the best strives are seen within my my counter arguments and overall strength and coherency of my papers.
To begin, when looking at a paper I wrote in August on necessity of first drafts, there were large gaps in my elaboration, bringing concerns as to whether I was arguing and proving a point or merely summarizing what Lamott, the author of the article, originally said. When attempting to argue my evidence, I stated,
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In viewing this elaboration it can be easily recognized that I simply restated the views held by Lamott rather than arguing my point that the true success first drafts hold. To better this part of my elaboration, I could have stated the position as a strong point of view I am trying to argue, as opposed to just collectively referring to the evidence as a supporting detail of Lamott’s position. Overall, my elaboration in this paper lacks the strength and new ideas which could have made this essay more successful. On the contrary, my paper on arguments of definition showed great competency and ideas through my elaborations. When arguing the need to define “cruelty-free”, I stated, “To fix this

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