Reflective Essay: What I Learned From My Writing Class

Throughout this semester of English 101, writing has become more of a skill than a struggle. Writing was a challenge that I dreaded when I chose to be in the course, nonetheless with time, I learned from my mistakes and was able to improve. This course made me very doubtful on whether I could be capable of even writing a paper that would provide me with a decent grade, but at the same time made me push myself in my writing technique. In the end, I can reflect that I learned from my mistakes and wrote papers that took time and dedication to accomplish. I learned from this class to be confident in my writing and make all the mistakes to receive the grade I want in the end.
Writing remained stressful in the duration of this last semester and these
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I was not an excellent writer at the beginning of the school year, but I can gladly say now that I have inherited more writing skills that I will benefit from in the future. One of those skills is being able to reflect on every angle on my topic to allow me to organize my ideas accurately. This skill is beneficial to learn, for it helped with my report essay to acquire the focus of my paper more clearly. Moreover, this skill helped me write papers in my other classes more easily and efficiently. Likewise, my voice can be read strongly throughout the personal narrative essay, because the passion I had for my topic was an emotional one. Within the paper I was allowed to express those feelings: “I remember sitting in my chair with my heart pounding and my hands shaking around my oboe”. Starting the class with a paper that I could expose myself with foreshadowed the future assignments to be strong with my voice as well. Who knew three months ago that I would appreciate writing papers now, because of the advanced writer it has allowed me to …show more content…
What did I have that they didn’t? I had practice writing and received more control of how to collect my ideas and organize them into a paper that allowed me to acquire worthy grades. To emphasize, I am able to collect my ideas faster due to the consistency of writing every week. This behavior has led to me to being able to manage my time more efficiently on ideas such as punctuation and even creating longer sentences that will improve my papers. Even though English 101 is a beginner writing class, it taught me how to apply those writing skills outside of the classroom walls, while helping me more than any of my other high school English classes. English 101 became better than predicted once the fear of procrastination disappeared, the writing became an expression. I feel now that I can write without being judged, and I can make the mistakes I need in order to excel. Likewise, the feeling of being confident in writing is the uttermost important lesson that this class has provided me with. Writing is not something that should be feared, but something that should be

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