Personal Narrative: English 101

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Its sad to say but I didn't, think that I would have made it to this extend in my academic career. Indeed, at the beginning I did not have any confidence, or pep in my step like most enthusiastic freshmen would have, knowing that their creating a new chapter in their college careers. I has insecurities only because, I was terrified of English. considering that it wasn’t my first language. However, you would think that one’s writing skills and comprehension would develop after staying in America for 12 years but sadly I couldn’t find that inner writer within myself.

Majority of people stood beside me when I needed tips on how to become a good writer, I wouldn’t know what predicament I would be in without any guidance. In, spite of those who didn’t think that my writing skills couldn’t improve, for they feared that, I would drop out. In fact, I have completed English 101 successfully.

Even though I regulate how much I read even though that wasn't an
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I always think that I can do better .

A few strength that I have developed over the course of English 101, are asking questions there’s no such thing as a stupid question I would always remind myself. I also developed the tolerance to accept criticism from my professors and others who would peer read my work. although in the beginning, I was embarrassed to hear all the mistakes I made which had been back up with markings on my paper, that still didn’t bring me down ,because I know that English 101 is only the beginning, so I might as well learn from all my mistakes.

Not to mention, I particularly enjoy writing descriptive papers. I like the idea of me seeing a vivid picture in mind imagination of what I’m writing or reading. In Addition, a major themes that have been reordering my paper have been ,getting my readers to

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