English 102 Reflection

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Over the course of English 102, I have developed a new set of skills and learned to become a better writer. When I first came into English 102 I struggled with many different concepts of writing. During the semester in English 102, my writing became stronger because I learned how to incorporate evidence into my argument, do more thorough research, have smoother transitions, and have more organization throughout my essay. I learned how to peer review better and to take what others say and incorporate it into my essay. In the beginning, before English 102, I struggled with good organization and flow to an essay, sandwich evidence into paragraphs, and having strong arguments in persuasive essays.
Before English 102, and even through the class, I have had many struggles in writing essays. Some of my weaknesses or skills I need to improve on are sandwiching research into my essays, the flow of my topic sentences,
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The many skills that I have acquired include in-depth research, more through drafts, fluidity of my paper, and better outlines. These skills will help me writing in the future because I need good in-depth research, fluidity, and more through drafts to have a good starting point and will give me a better idea on what I need to add. The most effective thing we did in class was peer reviewing others essays because I got to see different writing styles and different ideas on how to incorporate my evidence better or different choice of words. Even though I have developed good skills for the future, I still have struggles in my writing. This class has helped me to recognize what I struggle with in writing so in the future I can recognize it and improve on my weaknesses. In the end, this class has helped me develop as a writer through the different activities we did and helped me to notice what I can improve upon in the

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