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When I began this English course I was not the writer I am today. I wrote with several errors. I always thought I was an okay writer, but I did not realize I was not good enough to get the grades I wanted in college. I feel like I can say my writing has improved because of this class. For one I now know how to correctly do MLA format. I have also learned that the spelling and grammar check is your best friend while writing a paper. Not only have I learned how to improve the content of my papers but I have also learned how to lengthen my papers. Before this class I could barely write a page, but now I go beyond that. I have never understood the purpose in writing essays before but because of this class I do. Over the course of this semester …show more content…
Like I previously stated I learned how to do many things with my writing this semester. The first essay we wrote, a narrative, was probably my favorite essay to write. Although it was my favorite, it was definitely not my best. I wrote my essay and felt like it was complete and worthy to turn in. Little did I know that was not the case. After receiving my grade and feedback I realized my sentences were choppy and not well put together. When I submitted my paper the second time not only did I receive a better grade but also a better understanding of what my papers should look like and what the content should include. I really enjoyed writing this paper, because it allowed me to write about something I have a passion for. I really enjoy writing narratives, but I believe the easiest and best paper I wrote in this class would be essay two. This is when we chose an advertisement and analyzed the details about it. This is my favorite type of writing because there is little room for error. The biggest mistake you could make is spelling or using commas incorrectly, but that is not the only reason this …show more content…
If I was writing a paper that required a specific number of paragraphs or pages I would typically plan my paper using the four square method. If I was writing an important paper I would write a rough draft, then as I was typing it I would revise it and fix any mistakes I found. One thing that remained consistent in my writing process, no matter the type of paper, is after I wrote the paper I would try to find more grade level appropriate words instead of the simple words I originally used. While writing essays for this class I came to find it is better to combine my writing processes to write the best possible essay I could. I found the best steps for me to take in writing my paper are to write my ideas down in some form. After reviewing my ideas and deciding exactly what the best approach would be to address the given prompt, I write a rough draft, then I start typing my final copy. As I am typing my final draft I revise sentences, correct spelling and grammar, and occasionally add or take away a sentence. Once my essay is completely written, I use the spelling and grammar check and fix mistakes that it may find. I then print my essay out and let a couple people read it and fix any mistakes they find. I ask them for suggestions on how to combine sentences and have a better variety of sentences.

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