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The way I would describe myself as a writer would be average. I have never been an outstanding writer, or a horrible one. In this course, I happened to see that my writing was not as bad as I thought, though I wish I had done better on my essays. I seem to always get an A or B on the parts of my essays, including appearance, grammar, preparation, as well as content. However, I need to work on the development and sentence structure of my essays, which I will put more effort on in my future essays. I have noticed a big change in my writing practices such as not having a hard time with writing theses as well as using correct diction in my essays. English 1301 has helped me see what I am capable of in my writing abilities as well as what I need …show more content…
I understand what I need to write about, but just do not know how to start it. However, what has helped me with my writing process has been setting up a draft in which I write down what I will talk about in each paragraph. Also, peer reviews have helped me so much with my writing process. I like having my peers read over my essay and give me feedback. This helped me know where I needed to make changes and parts I did well on. Also, other feedback that was helpful was the writing center. I took all of the essays I have done in this class there. But, one in specific that I took there was the Surprising-Reversal Essay. The tutor and I discussed how I can make a better claim in my essay, and ways that I can better my thesis. The writing center helped me so much, especially with this essay. I thought that the Surprising-Reversal Essay was going to be one of my weak essays. However, going to the writing center helped me get a decent grade. My writing process has become easier with the help of …show more content…
My first essay, Response Essay, was the lowest grade out of the all the essays I have done in this course. First of all, this was my first essay in this class, but also I have always written my essays like that in high school. After getting feedback, I was aware of what parts of my writing need improvement. The new abilities I will take away from this course are how to correctly write sentences, as well as how to improve the development of my essay. Alternatively, some of the things I still need work on are sentence structure, transitions, and making sure my conclusions conclude the whole essay, not by summarizing the main points, but rather stating the main idea of what the essay is all about. Conversely, my progress as writer has improved a lot throughout the

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