The Importance Of English Composition

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English Composition I taught me a lot about myself, including how to be a better college student, through the process of writing. At the beginning of the year, I was not very excited about having to write argumentative papers. This is because I did not care enough about the assigned topics to have an opinion. But, I did learn a lot that I would not have known otherwise from having to research information about the topics I chose to write about. For example, in paper #2, I wrote about the niqab and how I believe that it is oppressive to women. Before starting paper #2, I had no idea what a niqab was. Now I can identify it and explain my thoughts on the facial covering. On paper #3, my attitude toward writing in English Composition I completely changed because I wrote about something I actually care about, Architecture. Despite paper #3 being an argumentative paper, it did not seem as bad because I was interested in the prompt. Although my initial expectations for this course were wrong, English Composition I has unexpectedly been very beneficial to my college career by influencing my writing technique and skills through essay prompts that allowed freedom.
On my first day of English Composition I, I was expecting to write papers on books we were assigned to read.
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First, my expectations were completely wrong considering I thought English Composition I was the equivalent of a Literature class. I was unprepared for this class in the fall, but now I feel like this class has encouraged me in my writing capabilities. English Composition I has taught me tons of knowledge that I can use throughout my college career. The essays I have written in English Composition I have dealt with real-life issues. I have grown to enjoy writing about real world issues and beliefs because it is very informative. I am now confident that I can write a convincing paper, which is a beneficial skill to

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