Reflective Essay: My English 102 Class

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When I began studying at the University of Montevallo, I had a background of high school creative writing and English classes, and one summer of a college English class. To be honest, I was terrified of jumping into my fall English 102 class. I felt I was unprepared for a serious college level composition class, and that I would have a strenuous time adjusting to a four-year university. However, as I walk away from my English 102 class I carry the understanding of writing a college level essay, undertaking research and completing a research and argument paper properly, and knowledge to prepare me for my other classes and profession. The fear of writing a college level essay always crept in the back of my mind. Formatting, wording, and my professor’s expectations concerned me. The first essay I wrote for English 102 class, “The …show more content…
In high school, I always struggled when we would conduct a research paper. Mainly, because my teachers never taught me how to conduct research correctly, and write a research paper. On the “Synthesis Essay,” I received a letter grade of a “B.” I attended every research session in the Carmichael Library, and Mrs. Washington guided me with my first proper research paper. I learned how to gather evidence and research from our school’s library database. My evidence was supported and my research was supported, however, my explanation were not as supported as they should have been. I learned to research for evidence, and from that evidence I formed a stance, and later, an argument. After writing the “Synthesis Essay,” we began to write our “Academic Argument,” papers. The evidence and research from the previous essay helped us form academic arguments. This experience helped me form a solid argument that was supported by academic research from scholarly articles, blogs, and news blogs I read. I formed a paper that was well supported with

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