Reflective Essay: The Purpose Of Siddhartha

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Even though it does not feel as though I have improved much, I know that the grades on my essays say differently. After looking over my essays, I noticed that I have become better with using evidence to support my papers. This, to me, is my best accomplishment. I have also improved on my word choice, organization, and how I use my quotes. If you were to compare the first paper I wrote to the last paper I wrote, I feel as though it would be obvious on how much my organization has improved. Over the semester, I found that the hardest part of all of the essays that I have written was using and finding evidence. The first paper that I wrote was extremely hard to write because I did not know how to find and use evidence. Now, I feel extremely confident in doing this. Another thing that I would like to point out is I am not as repetitive as I was before. Most of the papers that I have written before this year were very repetitious. It was my way of meeting the word count or meeting that page limit, but I now find it easier to find information to talk about. Trans ___ first paper that I wrote this year was a college essay. The purpose of this essay was to get us ready for …show more content…
I chose the topic of his teachers because I found it most interesting. Most of the other topics did not seem that intriguing to me. This is one of my best papers. not only because it is one of the highest grades, but because I learned a generous amount about literary analysis. If this essay was compared to the last literary analysis that I wrote, it would show how much improvement that I have made in such a short amount of time. Out of all the feedback that I received from this paper, I think the most helpful would have been the part where I am asked why. Sometimes I forget to include why or how. These comments showed me what to do better on my next essay, and showed my how much I still need to

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