The Importance Of Writing Paper

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No matter where you go or went to school, you always have some type of English class that forces you to write papers. These papers usually has to be a certain way or over a certain topic. To me that was a pretty big problem for me because I could do free writing easy, but when you tell me to write about something that I don 't have any interest in and I have to follow your “rules”, then I will just try to blow it off. I have always hated the way Professors and the world had this “image” of their version of a “perfect” essay. I always messed up on the rules like where to put my commas or semicolons, that to me is the hardest part to not have a run- on sentence. I still struggle with this on a daily basis.
For me writing has always been hard
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My first class at Greenville College was Core 101 and the professor Mrs. Estevez. One of our assignments she made us do was an analysis paper. When she explained this assignment to us, the whole class was confused. The reason that the whole class was confused was because she would explain it one way to one student and then explain it a whole different way to the student. The analysis paper was supposed to be 3 pages long and double spaced. While writing this paper it was very frustrating because no one know what they were specifically supposed to write about. One day in class we again asked our professor what she wanted for this paper and how she would grade us. The whole class was so confused at the end of the class period and the professor was so frustrated that she just decided to end class and walk out of the classroom. To this day I am still confused on how she wanted this paper done. Doing this essay made me feel stupid because obviously I couldn’t follow her the “perfect” essay because I just didn’t understand. It made me think is this how every College paper is going to …show more content…
I personally think it is only important depending on your major. I understand that in Highschool they make you do it so you can pass your ACT and also help in College. This reason why I think College makes you take classes to extend your years of going to school is to take worthless classes. It is just another way to prolong your graduation day and to spend more money. I want to be a teacher but I am also getting a degree in Special Education as well so I don’t know if I will fully need a writing. I know I might have to teach the children how to do words and sentences but the grade level I want to teach which is 2nd grade I won’t be teaching them all the rules about a paper. I know as much to get me by but I am not a master at it that is for sure I will make mistakes on papers but it never really sticks in my head all these

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