Freshman Composition Essay

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Freshman Composition I’s course objective was designed to help students “focus on developing and expressing ideas clearly and effectively to communicate with various audiences for various purposes and occasions, through written, oral, aural, and visual venues by means of individual and team projects.” Throughout this course my classmates and I reviewed principles of the writing process, including: planning, logical organizational, development strategies, revision, and editing, we were also introduced to rhetorical techniques and vigorous library research. With those techniques, this course has helped my classmates and I develop critical thinking skills like: summary, paraphrase, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of multiple sources. Before I began this class my writing process consisted of simply being assigned as assignment by my high school english teachers and coming up with an essay at the top of my head that properly fit the space requirement and prompt that I would then turn in the day it was due. However, since I began taking Freshmen Composition I, I have found that it is not only immensely wearisome to improvise five to seven pages on the spot, but also nearly impossible when the essay requires exact textbook and outside sources that must be cited on a work cited page. To be quite honest, I did not …show more content…
In my essay four, the transition phrases “especially, usually, lastly, since, in the past, and, in other words, for example, finally, however, in fact, and although” are all used. Transitional words and phrases contribute to the cohesiveness of a text and allow the sentences to flow smoothly. Without transitional phrases, my essays would be disorganized and would most likely be difficult to understand. When these words are used, they provide organization within my text and lead to greater understanding and enjoyment to the reader, and I find that to be true in a majority of my

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